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Former Phones4U director grabs boss chair at Tech Data Mobile

Tech Data Mobile has confirmed that former Phones4U director Matt Child has taken control of the UK arm, replacing previous exec Peter Hubbard who has now left the building.

Sync 'n' sod it: EMC might be shaping up to sell Syncplicity

Start of big changes for the Enterprise Content Division?
Chris Mellor, 07 Jul 14:54

Gartner mages have spoken: 'D' is for Device, Decline and DOOM

Market slumping as strong dollar pushes up price ... not the only reason though
Paul Kunert, 07 Jul 11:39

Smart Meter biz case still there, insists tragically optimistic UK govt

Figures still suggest scheme will cost more than it'll save
Kat Hall, 07 Jul 11:18

Unions call for strike action over 'unusable' Universal Credit IT

Getting it off the ground is like kicking a dead dog
Kat Hall, 07 Jul 11:06

BOT-GEDDON coming after ZeusVM leak, hacker warns

Why pay $5k when you can pay $0?
Darren Pauli, 07 Jul 06:30

Cisco slings simoleons at software-defined networking biz 6Wind

White box switching? We've heard of it
Richard Chirgwin, 07 Jul 03:33
AMD underwater

AMD looks at sinking sales, gulps: It's worse than we thought

Struggling chipmaker AMD warned investors on Monday that its second-quarter results, which are due to be announced on July 16, will be lower than previously expected.
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Burton made channel overlord at F5 Networks

F5 Networks has pulled in channel grey beard Neill Burton to take control of its partner community in the UK, Ireland and, er, Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

EMC splashed a BILLION dollars buying just one flashy upstart

Legal eagle soared high when the Federation dug deep

Phew! Brits escape Azure price hikes as rest of world bears the brunt

Microsoft shows the people of Blighty some cloudy love

RM’s core division will soon be resources, not tech, reckons analyst

The inevitable after-effects of withdrawing from hardware production and dwindling Building Schools for the Future contracts are leaving a huge hole at RM.
Giant burger

Rigby Private Equity stuffs its face with a slice of Wick Hill

Security and storage value-added distributor Wick Hill is the first piece of channel real estate that Rigby Private Equity has invested in, with the proceeds to be used to fund wider expansion in mainland Europe.

HP confirms its mighty Köck is standing down

EMEA big boss retiring before firm gets stuck into the big split
Paul Kunert, 06 Jul 11:44

SolidFire pulls off gloves for unholy storage ding-dong. Ding-ding!

Flails at EMC, NetApp and Pure Storage with rolled-up out of date documents
Chris Mellor, 06 Jul 08:54

Cloud market spins up a cyclone of sales

Server, storage and switch sales surge 25 per cent, says IDC
Simon Sharwood, 03 Jul 04:30

Looking forward to getting Windows 10 the day it ships? Yeah, about that...

Not everyone will get it all at once
Neil McAllister, 02 Jul 22:49

Japan's NTT whips out OpenStack cannon at cloud Godzilla AWS

Tokyo wants to avoid head-to-head with Amazon
Gavin Clarke, 02 Jul 22:38

Intel 80386 queen Renée James quits as chipmaker's president

Will assume role of CEO of another company in January
Neil McAllister, 02 Jul 18:44

Rigby clan jumps into private equity game

Industry vet Paul Eccleston heads up investment arm for Midlands-based group
Paul Kunert, 02 Jul 17:11

Kelway MD: A deal with CDW is NOT around the corner

'Listen people, calm down and carry on'
Paul Kunert, 02 Jul 16:29
GlobalFoundries Fab 8

IBM gets green light to sell off chips biz to GlobalFoundries

IBM looks to be in the clear to sell off its ailing chippery division to GlobalFoundries after US regulators gave the deal the nod on Tuesday.


Windows 10 on Surface 3

Tim Anderson

It's do-or-die for Microsoft's new operating system on 29 July
Wine Taps by N Wong, Flickr, CC 2.0 License

Simon Sharwood

Clouds sell compute by the glass. On-premises kitmakers want to sell wine-as-a-service

Greg Knieriemen

Privacy, security, information sovereignty, what we all want, right?
Microsoft's Joe Belfiore, speaking at Build 2015

Andrew Orlowski

Redmond devotees may as well have demanded manga desktop wallpaper


Time to pull out the magnifying glass to swot up on those Ts&Cs
Android icon desktop toys
Nice devices, now speak 'enterprise' to me
Standard Form 86 reads like a biography of each intelligence worker
Protestor barricade image via Shutterstock
Breaking through the hardware barricades to a new network state