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ARM pumps fist as profits soar, warns of weaker hand in 2016

Chip designer ARM once again posted bumper annual results, with profits up 31 per cent to £414.8m on revenue of £968m, up 22 per cent.

Techie the most recession-proof job

But sector still took jobs hit and an 11% pay cut in 'real terms'
Kat Hall, 10 Feb 09:38

Ballmer schools SatNad on Microsoft's mobile strategy: You need one

Otherwise, everything's just fine and dandy
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Feb 12:17

Imation: Data storage? No, come to us for, er, investment advice

Analysis Hands out cash for activist investor's fund to manage, too
Chris Mellor, 09 Feb 10:38

Those converged infrastructure vendors are cannibals, I tell you

Commodity servers ate my storage hardware lunch
Drew Cullen, 08 Feb 15:45

Health Secretary promises NHS £4.2bn to go 'digital'

Ponder: How much paper was used to promise paperless NHS?
Kat Hall, 08 Feb 13:26

TalkTalk confesses: Scammers have data about our engineers' visits to your home

Info exploited, say customers
Kat Hall, 08 Feb 11:57
A cute cat in a jumper waves goodbye.... Pic via Shutterstock

Bye-bye, BT: Finance director jumps ship

BT has confirmed that its long-serving finance director Tony Chanmugam is to step down – the latest executive exit from the newly formed BT/EE.
Man with head in the cloud

Europe makes it rain for cloud biz: £30m of gold showered on BT, IBM etc

The European Commission has announced what companies will supply the organization with its new cloud services.

Asigra becomes an Oracle reseller

5,000 customers before this move. How many after?

Misco locks-in, loads-up sales director Remmington

They liked him so much, they brought him to the company

Cisco's purple princesses gush workplace joy

The faceless drones among you whose workplace misery is compounded by the need to adhere to a strict dress code are invited to gaze with envy upon this blog post revealing that Cisco is - in contrast to its reputation as "a boring, stodgy company" - actually a hotbed of individuality, personal freedom and radical hair colour.

Arrow: Fraudsters impersonated one of our execs to steal money

Enterprise tech distributor Arrow Inc will take a $13m charge on the chin after a fraudster posing as a company exec transferred money from the corporate bank account to an external one.

IBM Global Tech Services staff at risk of redundo in Blighty

Staff council to be formed, 45-day consultation begins mid-Feb
Paul Kunert, 05 Feb 09:02

Swiss rolls into HPE: Micro-Veeam clone Trilead gobbled

From the land of cuckoo clocks and horology
Chris Mellor, 05 Feb 07:32

Oracle now fully compliant with UK tax laws*

*In its HR software. But Big Red's been named as a creative taxpayer in the past
Simon Sharwood, 05 Feb 06:28

By 2019 world will spend $2.8 TREELLION on the rubbish we write about

About one dollar in five will go on smartmobes, but servers and storage will also grow
Simon Sharwood, 05 Feb 02:58

Symantec's definition of transformation: Take the profit made a year ago and burn a quarter of it

Silver Lake slips its PIPE into troubled security firm
Iain Thomson, 05 Feb 00:03

Supplier promises to nudge UK schools towards secure webmail

Think of the children, er, school governors
John Leyden, 04 Feb 15:34

Lenovo: China biz down, PC and mobile down

But hey, losing 3,200 staff plumped profits. And it is nearly the weekend
Paul Kunert, 04 Feb 12:50

Networks First chairman Titmus to exit, dog pool biz awaits

Long-serving chairman to call it quits, in IT that is...
Paul Kunert, 04 Feb 12:16
Cloudy sky

Former Oracle man Block fills Salesforce's COO slot

Oracle's former US sales chief Keith Block has been handed the keys to Salesforce by his boss Marc Benioff.


Merlin Data Center Interior

Trevor Pott

Enterprises want them, but they're still a pain in the ASCII
WWI French tank picture via Shutterstock

Chris Mellor

A VC with startup agenda slams established suppliers. Surprised? Neither were we


Eclipse image via Shutterstock
The Azure Portal: Microsoft is betting on cloud for its future business
Michael Dell. Pic by Joi Ito
Cool Texas dude is just your average billionaire