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Uncle Lenovo turns up to the startup party with a $500m punch bowl

IT old-timer Lenovo Group will inject half a billion dollars into the tech startup scene, it claimed today.

Did your UK biz just pay £1,500 to stop a DDoS? You've been had

Empty threats from faux hackers doing the rounds again
John Leyden, 04 May 14:25

Long term sick-note abuser Misco not losing nearly as much money

Sales still slid in calendar Q1 but patient is out of intensive care
Paul Kunert, 04 May 13:20

How 'flexible' can the UK actually be on EU data protection law?

It's certainly going to try to be a little bendy

Monster Cloud and an angry customer wanting a refund: A Love Story

Biz tells Reg reader his email was 'full of attitude', adds 'price increase was only 340%'

Dell CTO for Enterprise legs it to pastures new

Paul Perez peregrinates outta da picture
Chris Mellor, 04 May 06:40

Ex-HP boss Carly Fiorina sacked one week into new job

Lays everyone off again after presidential running mate Cruz ends bid for White House
Chris Williams, 04 May 03:09

EMC makes a LEAP forward with Virtustream and more

EMC World The first day of EMC World in Las Vegas caused announcement overload, with the Unity array top of the list, closely followed by a Virtustream storage cloud and more.

Intel has driven a dagger through Microsoft's mobile strategy

Analysis Intel’s retreat from mobile chips is one of the biggest disruptions to the Wintel relationship in Microsoft’s 35-year business relationship with the chip giant – if not the biggest of all.

Midwich IPO will value its AV and print distie biz at £165m

Want to buy a piece of channel real estate? Friday, 6 May, 8am

Roll up, roll up: Dot Net Solutions has a 'war chest'

Now for that fragmented Microsoft cloud and managed services sector...

EMC re-engineers its VNX flashy boxen, puts Unity on the label

EMC's mid-range VNX/VNXe arrays have been re-engineered to make better use of flash, producing the Unity array with a starting price of less than $10,000.

Argos defection to Tech Data whips Ingram Micro's bottom... line

The loss of a retail supply contract with Argos helped push Ingram Micro’s European sales growth into the barrier’s during car crash Q1 financials.

Opower, my power: Oracle spends $532m to get some utilities cloud, er, power

Nom-nom. Another day, another purchase

Old, complex code could cause another UK banking TITSUP – study

Blighty has 900k lines of code per mission critical app, one-third above world average
Kat Hall, 03 May 08:34

Dell to change name to 'Dell Technologies'

Except for PCs, which will still be called 'Dell', and enterprise, which will be 'Dell EMC'
Simon Sharwood, 03 May 01:10

Restaurant booked, flowers ordered ... Microsoft has a hot date for SQL Server 2016

Mark June 1 in your calendar
Iain Thomson, 02 May 18:50

Who you callin' stoopid? No excuses for biz intelligence's poor stats

Note to industry: Must try harder
Mark Whitehorn, 02 May 10:55

Avnet checks legacy data kit sales stats, panics

Enterprise tech distie to fling $25m in costs overboard for fiscal '16
Paul Kunert, 29 Apr 15:00

There's never been a better time to be a product reseller... if you like pain

Insight Enterprises sales slip, blames data centre spending
Paul Kunert, 29 Apr 13:02

Central gov spent £6.3bn on IT. Nearly half handed to just 3 suppliers

HP still on top with £1.2bn spend in 2014/15
Kat Hall, 29 Apr 12:19

Smartphone growth? Not in Q1, says IDC

Prospects for handset-makers just got worse, with the smartphone market recording its worst quarterly growth ever.


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Chris Mellor

IDC stats reveal who's who in the backup appliance bearpit
Carry on Cleo

Gavin Clarke

Infamy, infamy, Amazon and Microsoft have all got it in for me!

Tim Anderson

Also signals stronger cross-platform tools, access to new markets


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