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Super-villain Dr Evil puts finger to lip in scheming manner, asks for one million dollars. Pic: New Line Cinema

VESK coughs up £18k in ransomware attack

Exclusive Hosted desktop and cloud provider VESK is staggering back to its feet after paying 29 Bitcoins (£18,600) in a ransomware attack earlier this week.

Computacenter's former 'unsung hero' rocks up at Redcentric

Mo Siddiqui hired as chief operations man
Paul Kunert, 29 Sep 14:40

Microsoft's chums Dell, HPE and Lenovo give Azure Stack a shout-out

Mover over, devs, and bring me a chequebook
Gavin Clarke, 29 Sep 14:26

Apple puts on its grey suit: Firm, 40, keen to meet corporate types

Could use all the dev time it hasn't been using on iPhones, amirite?
Dan Robinson, 29 Sep 13:38

Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society... Doesn't sound sinister at all

RotM Google 'n' pals hope to herald machine-human 'golden age'
Kat Hall, 29 Sep 11:14

Market pulls chain on Crapita share price after first ever profit warning

Reselling slumps, TfL contract woes and possible Co-op 'litigation' looms
Paul Kunert, 29 Sep 10:58

Microsoft warns Windows security fix may break network shares

We're making your NAS secure by hiding it from you
Dan Robinson, 29 Sep 10:38

HP Ink COO: Sorry not sorry we bricked your otherwise totally fine printer cartridges

HP Inc is trying to spin its way out of the mess it created when it decided it would be a fantastic idea to brick unofficial and refilled printer cartridges.

Colour us shocked: Dell EMC rules converged systems like a boss

Dell EMC rules the converged systems roost in IDC’s latest storage tracker converged systems revenues in the second 2016 quarter.

Microsoft preps defence against the dark arts for enterprise customers

Application Guard aims to defeat malware served up from web sites

Natwest online payments go down

Customers at Blighty's high-street bank Natwest have been struggling to make online payments this afternoon.
Paul O' Grady poses with a small dog.

Apple moving to scrubbed up London's Battersea Power Station

Apple is moving into a shiny new HQ at the revamped Battersea Power Station in London – just as soon as developers have finished wrecking rebuilding the iconic Southside brick masterpiece.

‘Inflexion point’ BlackBerry washes hands of hardware biz

Switches to licensing 'secure Android' and apps
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Sep 13:06

BT tops Ofcom's broadband whinge list

Virgin and Sky rated least moaned about
Kat Hall, 28 Sep 12:42 is doing sod all to break £20bn of locked-in IT contracts

Analysis At least one department has no idea how much it's splurged
Kat Hall, 28 Sep 08:27

Google, Dropbox the latest US tech giants to sign up to the Privacy Shield

Queued up to self-certify
OUT-LAW.COM, 28 Sep 08:08

HP Inc: No DRM in our 3D printers, we swear (unlike our 2D ones)

Raw materials will be open and multi-source
Iain Thomson, 28 Sep 07:02

Microsoft hails pointless Privacy Shield status for its cloud services

Yeah, it's self-certification. Give yourself a pat on your own back, Redmond
Dan Robinson, 28 Sep 06:18

Sage advice: Avoid the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – it knackers our accounting app

Try this workaround if you're frozen out
Shaun Nichols, 28 Sep 06:02

EFF dinks HP Inc finks in rinky-dink ink stink

Rights warriors demand reverse-ferret on printers snubbing unofficial cartridges
John Oates, 27 Sep 18:29

That's cold: This is how our boss told us our jobs are at risk, staffers claim

Shrinking Cisco Gold reseller Intrinsic Technology has put a bunch of staff across various departments at risk of redundancy amid an organisational restructure.


Baby looks taken aback/shocked/affronted. Photo by Shutterstock

Kat Hall

Plans for 2 million FTTP connections in next four years 'not enough'
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Chris Mellor

Thousands of layoffs announced as spinning rust enters its death spiral


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