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A man handing out cash

Rackspace finds its $4.3bn sugar daddy

Cloud management provider Rackspace says that it will be going private in a deal that will pay shareholders $4.3bn.

Bloody Dell! Is EMC going to drop its logo? Answers on a postcard to Brentford

Pics Reg man spies changes to London HQ
Paul Kunert, 26 Aug 13:03

Brocade broadcasts financial success. Well, if you call an 89% profit drop 'success'

Better than expected, though Fibre Channel is faltering
Chris Mellor, 26 Aug 11:28

Corporates ARE sniffing around Windows 10, says Computacenter

Half-yearly results lets them punt unloved OS again
Paul Kunert, 26 Aug 10:07

Pure Storage notches up a 93 per cent growth rate. Not bad, not bad

They're still losing tens of millions, though
Chris Mellor, 26 Aug 09:42

Linux turns 25, with corporate contributors now key to its future

What's the weather in hell today? Linus Torvalds has visited Microsoft at LinuxCon
Simon Sharwood, 26 Aug 06:31

Both HPs allegedly axed people just for being old, California court told

Class-action lawsuit accuses IT giants of age discrimination in layoffs
Shaun Nichols, 25 Aug 17:02

NHS injects tender for PC and peripherals kit with £500m

The UK's NHS has a £500m budget to burn on PCs, printers and monitors in the latest mega framework tender to be dangled in front of ravenous tech suppliers.

Tech Data swings and misses Wall Street moneymen's target

Tech Data's latest quarterly financials show a distributor wrestling with “weaker than expected” IT spending and trying to dip into “pockets of demand” across Europe and the Americas.

Biz phones 'n' broadband bods Gamma suffer a network TITSUP

Channel partners and customers left in dark since 8am service blackout

Movers and shakers: Execs take a hike from Lenovo and HPE

Plus one greybeard lands at enterprise licensing biz Crayon
Man in tie smashes printer with baseball bat in a field.

Error: Print job 'Money' failed for

HP Inc says it will move forward with its plans to cut costs and refocus its business as it posted better than expected quarterly numbers.

French, German ministers demand new encryption backdoor law

A meeting this week between the interior ministers of France and Germany has focused on the issue of encryption and its potential impact on security.

IBM will move stored stuff onto its new flashy boxen for free

Strong bait for new customers. Not good news for Dell or EMC
Chris Mellor, 24 Aug 15:58

US Treasury to launch pre-emptive strike on EU's Ireland tax probe

Only we should have the power to enforce our tax laws across the world, scream Yanks
Kat Hall, 24 Aug 15:33

Nimble Storage ticks over nicely but will shareholders want more revs?

Shrinking losses, embiggening revenues
Chris Mellor, 24 Aug 13:27

Irritable Cisco kicks Nutanix out of partner program

Email to its channel reveals depth of Switchzilla's ire
Chris Mellor, 24 Aug 12:26

Gartner's Magic Quadrant mages shake crystal ball, Violin goes topsy turvy

All flashy beings, great and small, quiver before the chart
Chris Mellor, 24 Aug 10:31

Arista slapped with import ban after US Trade Rep lays down law

Firm lost Cisco patent lawsuit, will appeal to Supreme Court
Kat Hall, 24 Aug 09:32

Intel douses Wildfire ransomware as-a-service Euro menace

Group scored $79k a month with infect-o-tronic rent-a-bot
Darren Pauli, 24 Aug 01:58

Data-viz biz Tableau Software brings ex-AWS exec to the table

Hopes for tasty earnings as it dines out on share spike
Amazon Workspaces on an iPad

Amazon now renting cloudy desktops for $0.22 an hour

Amazon Web Services' “Workspaces” desktop-as-a-service offering can now be paid for by the hour.


Baby looks taken aback/shocked/affronted. Photo by Shutterstock

Kat Hall

Plans for 2 million FTTP connections in next four years 'not enough'
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Chris Mellor

Thousands of layoffs announced as spinning rust enters its death spiral


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Honest mistake with your licensing? Audit police look at it on a 'case by case basis'