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By | Iain Thomson 19th October 2016 06:41

Microsoft keeps schtum as more battery woes hit Surface sufferers

Look on the bright side – at least they're not exploding, right Samsung?

Updated Microsoft loyalists are up in arms over yet more battery grief with the Surface Pro 3 and that Redmond is, we're told, breaking promises on repair costs.

These aren't the battery blunder reported in July, in which faulty software had a habit of draining batteries of juice. Microsoft fixed that issue with a software update in August, but now something similar seems to be happening again.

Redmond's user forums are reporting the issue seems to be predominantly affecting Surface fondleslabs with batteries manufactured by LG Chem, although some users with Simplo power packs are also reporting problems. They say the device either failing to charge at all, not recognizing a battery is even installed, or losing capacity quickly.

"Microsoft, we need an update on the root cause of this issue and the progress for a potential fix. We have been dealing with a $1000+ paper weight for over a month now," said one angry user.

"Each passing day results in less and less confidence in your products. I was really considering a surface book purchase after my SP3 reaches EOL, but with support like this, I know that my money will be spent elsewhere."

Where users have gone to Microsoft technical support staff they are told they'd need to pay $450 or more to get a refurbished Surface Pro which will only be under warranty for 90 days. This has rankled somewhat, since the Surface team promised that the cost for replacement batteries would be just $200 in a Reddit IAMA.

We've contacted Microsoft about the issue but have received no reply on the matter. We're not the only ones – the support forum moderator has also told users that she's getting no word from Microsoft, despite flagging the issues up with the Windows giant.

"I am as frustrated as you are, I've begged for information and for updated information to be posted here, even a 'we are still working on the issue', but the silence continues," she wrote.

We'll post new information as it comes in. Don’t hold your breath. ®


“We are aware of a battery issue that is affecting a limited number of Surface Pro 3 users," a spokesperson told The Reg in a statement.

"Our team is actively looking in to the issue to determine the cause and identify a fix. We will post an update as soon as we have more information to share. We also recognize the possibility that some customers might have heard conflicting information about in- and out-of-warranty repairs and replacements. "

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