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By | Paul Kunert 23rd September 2016 14:46

Winners and losers: Here's who made the cut for mega TP2 framework

Atos will not get trout in £4bn trough, neither will bunch of big PC brands

A public sector contracts fat cat and some household PC brands are among the suppliers that failed to directly win a place on a mega pan-government hardware and software framework contract, according to a preliminary list seen by The Register.

The Technology Products (TP) 2 agreement, worth up to £4bn over four years, is due to replace the first iteration in mid-November – that, at least, that is the plan; Crown Commercial Services is organising the agreement and has a track record of taking longer than planned to get these things off the ground.

Suppliers yesterday received notification that they’d made the cut or not, and as is traditional, will now enter a ten-day standstill period that gives unsuccessful applicants the opportunity to appeal against CCS’ decision.

The procurement framework is split into six Lots – the previous platform had four – including hardware, software, a combination of the first two, information assured products, volume product requirements and an online catalogue.

Akhter Computers, ANS Group, Atos, MCSA and Pervasive were involved in the hardware component of TP1 but didn’t make it onto the equivalent Lot in the forthcoming framework.

In the software segment, Logicalis, Novosco, Storm Technologies were notable by their absence, and Computacenter didn’t make it onto information assured products.

Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Lenovo each had a seat of the TP1 framework but were seemingly bypassed in the forthcoming one – though the companies might be selling via one of the resellers that make it onto the framework.

Tech suppliers have mounted legal challenges to CCS framework awards in the past, so it is more than possible it will happen this time round.

Here’s the full preliminary shortlist:

Lot One (hardware) – Bechtle, BT, Capita, CCS Media, CDW, Centerprise, Comparex, Computacenter, Ergo Computing, Esteem Systems, European Electronique, Fujitsu Services, Gallic, Insight, Misco, Phoenix Software, Proact IT, Probrand, Q Associates, Softcat, Software Box, SCC, Stone Group, Supplies Team, Transputec, Trustmarque, XMA.

Lot 2 (software) – BT, Bytes, Capita, CCS Media, CDW, Centerprise, Comparex, Computacenter, Esteem Systems, European Electronique, Fujitsu Services, Insight, Misco, Joskos Solutions, Phoenix Software, Probrand, Q Associates, Softcat, Software Box, SCC, Trustmarque, XMA.

Lot 3 – hardware and software combined, including all the companies on Lot 1 and 2.

Lot 4 (information assured products) – Akther Computers, CDW, Centerprise, Comparex, Insight, Softcat, Software Box, SCC.

Lot 5 (volume hardware requirements) – Centerprise, Dell, Fujitsu Technology Products, HP Inc, HPE, Lenovo, Novatech, Stone Group, XMA.

Lot 6 (online catalogue of commoditised hardware and software) – 3M, ACS, Ahkter Computers, Azeus, Azzurri, Bechtle, Becrypt, Bramble Hub, BT, Bytes, Canon, Capita, CCK Media, CCS Media, CDW, Centerprise, Centient, Cistor, Comparex, Computacenter, Ergo Computing, Dell, Digital Exchange, ESRI, Esteem Systems, European Electronique, Fusion Business Solutions, Galtec, HP Inc, Insight, IB Boost, Imerja, Involve Visual Collaboration, Misco, MCSA, Novatech, NTT Com Security, OSCL Ltd, Phoenix Software, Prolinx Project, Probrand, PTSG, Quest Mark, Responsive Solutions, Risual Ltd, Servile Corelogic, Softcat, SCC, StarTraq, Stone Supplies Team, The Networking, Total Computer Networks, Transputer, Trustmarque, Ultima Business Solutions, XMA. ®

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