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By | Kat Hall 30th August 2016 11:44

Microsoft releases firmware fix for faulty Surface Pro 3 batteries

'Portable' device can now be untethered from wall

Frustrated Surface Pro 3 customers unable to properly charge their batteries have been offered a fix by Microsoft.

Last month Microsoft 'fessed up to its battery woes, saying they were down to software problems rather than a hardware fault.

Some Surface Pro 3 devices have been working as long as the power is plugged in, but once unplugged the batteries have run down quickly kind of defeating the point in having a portable device.

The problem only appeared to affect hardware that uses batteries from third-party supplier Simplo, with some owners reporting that the problems persisted even after they bought new batteries for the device.

Now finally users can correct the problem by installing a firmware update on Windows 10.

The updates corrects the logic in the firmware component that functions as the “fuel gauge” for the Surface Pro 3 battery, said Microsoft. That will ensure accurate reporting of the battery capacity, enabling the Surface to gain maximum charge capacity.

"Once this fix is applied to a Surface Pro 3, the reported full charge capacity will self-correct over the next several charge and discharge cycles. Surface Pro 3 devices that previously experienced the problem can now operate on battery power, and the issue won’t occur on devices that haven't experienced the issue," said Microsoft in a blog post.

The recent battery issues are not the only problems to blight the Surface Pro. Back in February, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said Microsoft had to recall two million Surface Pro power cords due to fire concerns.

Nevertheless, it's not been a bad year for Microsoft's fondleslab.

According to analyst firm Canalys iPad Pro, Microsoft shifted 275,000 Surface Pro devices in the UK for the first quarter of 2016, up on the 83,000 units Microsoft flogged in the year-ago quarter. In contrast, the iPad Pro sold 107,000 units in the UK during the same period. ®

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