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By | Iain Thomson 2nd February 2016 02:01

Windows 10 will now automatically download and install on PCs

'Recommended' update roll out starts here

Microsoft said it would push Windows 10 upgrades onto people's PCs much harder this year – and Redmond has been true to its word.

From Monday, Windows Update will start making the upgrade to version 10 of the operating system a recommended update, rather than an optional one, a spokesperson for the software giant confirmed.

So if you've got Windows Update set up to automatically fetch and install recommended items – and the vast majority of people do because it's the default setting – expect to, well, download and install a few gigabytes of Windows 10.

Also be aware that if you have switched to manual updates you still may end up downloading the new OS anyway: Windows Update automatically selects the optional download as desired, so there's no need to click on the box to get it.

Windows Update options

On this vulture's PC, Win10 remains optional for now but enabled by default ... Saved you the click, says Redmond

Users won't be forced to upgrade per se; Microsoft says that there will still be a prompt screen that will require users to click through and confirm the switchover to Win10 after the files have been silently downloaded and unpacked in the background.

However, we all know the treatment dialogue boxes get from users – click OK and carry on.

If you inadvertently upgrade that's not the end of it either – Microsoft is guaranteeing you'll be able to revert to your old installation within 30 days of trying Windows 10 if you decide you don't like the creepy operating system.

Today's move does mean you can expect to get a lot more technical support calls from friends and family who don't know what's going on – the update change only affects consumers, not business users, but the latter group will still be shown nagging screens. ®

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