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By | Chris Mellor 12th October 2015 10:27

Mirantis and NetApp cement alliance with OpenStack handshake

Mmmm, clustered ONTAP covered in open-source

NetApp and Mirantis are partnering for, and producing, an OpenStack reference architecture so that clustered ONTAP can run with the free, open-source software platform, according to information on the Mirantis website.

Mirantis is the OpenStack cloud computing software platform cheerleader, and received $100m in funding in August to spread the OpenStack message.

A partner catalog entry on Mirantis’s website said:

Mirantis and NetApp have formed a partnership to embed into Mirantis OpenStack support for the Manila management interface for provisioning and attaching shared filesystems, including NFS and CIFS.

Mirantis has created a Fuel plugin for NetApp that automates deployment of the NetApp NFS driver in place of the LVM Cinder driver.

Both companies are members of each others’ alliance programs, providing joint testing, validations, and reference architectures.

Through the partnership:

  • NetApp block storage drivers (Cinder drivers) have been validated for Mirantis OpenStack (MOS) 7.0, so NetApp’s storage can be used with it
  • Mirantis has validated a Fuel plugin for NetApp, to simplify and automate configuration and deployment
  • NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP will be supported by the next Mitaka version of OpenStack
  • A reference architecture will be produced

Mirantis’s product marketing VP Kamesh Pemmaraju said the reference architecture uses "the latest release of Mirantis OpenStack to address high-availability use cases for both cloud-native and traditional applications targeted for high-SLA environments".

NetApp has a senior director for OpenStack, Jeff O’Neal, and his prepared quote talked about NetApp’s Data Fabric-ready portfolio being interoperable with Mirantis OpenStack.

NetApp’s Cinder driver "provides integration for multiple storage controller families and protocols ... such as clustered Data ONTAP, 7-Mode, and NetApp E-Series and EF-Series systems ... Clustered Data ONTAP systems can be used with Cinder via Parallelized NFS (pNFS), NFS, and iSCSI storage protocols. 7-mode systems can be used with either NFS or iSCSI. E-Series and EF-Series systems are accessible via iSCSI".

NetApp is not unique in getting close to Mirantis. There are 60 other partners in its technology partner programme, including Dell, EMC (VNX, XTremeIO and ScaleIO), HDS, Western Digital/HGST, HP, IBM, Maxta, Nexenta, Oracle, and SolidFire.

Mirantis is sponsoring and presenting at NetApp’s Insight conference in Las Vegas this week. You will be able to check out the reference architecture at the Mirantis website

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