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By | Gavin Clarke 20th July 2015 12:42

Microsoft sets end date on Windows 10 support. Hey, wait, WHAT?

Like facing hackers alone? Prep now

Windows 10 isn't even out yet but already its creator Microsoft has foretold its death. Support for Redmond's Omega operating system will cease finally on October 14, 2025.

That’s the date when fixes and patches in all their forms for the as-yet unreleased client operating system will finally be turned off by Microsoft.

Mainstream support will expire on October 13, 2020. Mainstream support covers requests to change product design and features, plus security updates with various no-charge programs

Extended support cuts out design and feature changes and the complementary program.

Run a piece of Microsoft software after the end of extended support, and you so so entirely at your own risk. If new malware vulnerabilities are discovered after the end of extended support, Microsoft won't publish any fixes – unless you sign a paid, Custom Support Agreement (CSA), at considerable cost.

Microsoft published the support dates here.

The support cycles are in keeping with Microsoft’s programs for other versions of its client software.

Details on what you can expect in terms of Microsoft’s long-term commitment to Windows 10 on some of the important, finer details that had yet to be filled in.

The question of support was raised by Microsoft executive vice president for Windows and devices Terry Myerson in January.

According to Myerson, Microsoft would keep a device that is upgraded to Windows 10 current for the "supported lifetime of the device".

Windows 10 complicates Microsoft’s support picture slightly as it will supposedly be Microsoft’s last client operating system.

The theory is that updates will be pumped out to systems.

Dates for Microsoft support have lasted roughly five years for mainstream, plus another five for extended support based on when a new Windows has shipped.

Further, putting extended support at October 14, 2025, suggests Windows 10 won’t be as final as the hype happy mongers of tech would have us believe. ®

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