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By | Shaun Nichols 7th July 2015 19:08

Apple Watch sales in death dive after mega launch, claims study

That's according to inbox-snooping market researchers

Sales of the Apple Watch have plummeted since its launch, according to shopping-receipt-counting researchers.

Slice Intelligence claims Apple Watch sales have fallen from 1.3 million units shipped on launch day to fewer than 2,500 watches sold on July 1. You may well need a large pinch of salt with these numbers.

Slice uses its plugin to monitor people's email inboxes for shopping receipts, and counts them up to see how popular particular items are. From a study of 21,427 shoppers, seen by The Register, Slice estimates that Apple sold about 2.97 million wristslabs from April 10 to July 1.

Most of those sales were from the Apple Watch Sport, it's claimed. The cheaper rubber-banded watch sold 1.91 million units, compared to the 1.05 million estimated sales racked up by the metal-band Apple Watch models, Slice reckons.

As recently as June 1, Apple was selling more than 40,000 Watches per day, we're told. That figure plummeted over the month of June as the end of the month saw just 4,947 units sold on the day, it's claimed.

By comparison, Apple sold 61.7 million iPhones and 12.6 million iPads over its last financial quarter.

if these figures are true, don't feel too bad for Sir Jony and company. Slice estimates that Apple still managed to pull $1.19bn in Apple Watch revenues from the April 10–July 1 period.

Apple has admitted to running short on its prized piece of arm candy. The Cupertino Idiot Tax operation was said back in April to have scrapped a batch of Watches after a shipment from China was found to contain faulty components. Other shipments have been known to cause rashes on the arms of fanbois and fail when presented with tattooed skin.

Right now, the Apple Watch is only available via in-store or (for some models) through Apple's online store. Apple was not available for immediate comment. ®

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