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By | Richard Chirgwin 6th May 2015 16:01

EMC dangles Puppet out of its Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Automation lab gets to probe globe

Puppet Enterprise is getting a boost in its global sales footprint, with EMC deciding its customers need a bit of devops love and adding the automation suite to its hybrid clouds.

Puppet Enterprise is going to be available as part of EMC's Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution, the two companies will launch a DevOps readiness program for EMC shops, and Puppet Labs has been accepted into EMC's Business Partner Program, adding Puppet Enterprise to EMC's resale list.

Discussing the deal with The Register's networking desk, Puppet's director of product marketing Tim Zonca said people managing EMC infrastructure will get consistent and repeatable devops-style tools.

“Once they've defined that infrastructure – an application or a server in the data centre – any time there are changes, they can bring the infrastructure into the state they want it, based on how they modelled it”.

Once EMC customers implement the Puppet Enterprise practices, they get to manage that infrastructure as code: “unit testing, peer review, moving across successive deployment tiers” gets the devops goodness.

The deal gives Puppet Labs a double boost, Zonca said: not only does EMC give it a global footprint, it'll have reach into companies whose aim is large-scale rollouts from the start.

Many customers, even deploying to thousands of endpoints, still tread carefully, starting small and building up the rollout.

“Some of [EMC's] customers may do enterprise-scale hybrid cloud deployments right out of the gate,” Zonca said. “So it's not just a bigger footprint – it's different levels of relationship.”

Getting into EMC Select, Zonca said, will put Puppet Enterprise into EMC's whole channel, giving potential customers one organisation to deal with in the sale. ®

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