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By | Paul Kunert 5th March 2015 11:31

Symantec: Corporate divorce starts on April Fool's Day

Unhappy bedfellows split sales team from next month

Symantec is to operate as two separate storage and security organisations from April Fool’s Day, as the deadly serious game of long-term survival begins in earnest.

“We have begun to realign the sales and marketing organisations to support both businesses, starting with two new global sales leaders: Adrian Jones for Symantec and Brett Shrink for Veritas,” it told us.

The Veritas brand will cover the Information Management side of the house – it was resurrected last month as we predicted – years after Symantec decided to kill it off.

“We are preparing the Symantec and Veritas sales organisations to operate independently at the start of Symantec’s fiscal year at the beginning of April,” the firm added.

Management teams locally are being refreshed, with Symantec UK boss Simon Moor leaving and Huw Owen put in temporary charge, though he will be regional sales veep at Veritas from April.

Redundancies are also being pushed through, including sales admin, telesales and the renewals team, who were put at risk last month.

Symantec will be legally split by January 2016 – a month behind schedule – and it can’t come soon enough for the firm, whose profits in Q3 fiscal ’15 were down 22 per cent year-on-year on the back of sliding security sales. Storage was the bright spot in the three months.

Symantec, like HP, wants to minimise disruption to channel customers and end-user organisations during the break-up. ®

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