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By | Jasper Hamill 29th October 2014 16:54

Lawyers mobilise angry mob against Apple over alleged 2011 Macbook Pro crapness

We suffered 'random bouts of graphical distortion' - fanbois

A legal firm has launched a class action against Apple over claims the 2011 MacBook Pro suffered from "random bouts of graphical distortion, system instability and system failures".

In the legal complaint, the plaintiffs said the "computer was described by many as a dud and defective from inception".

The laptops in question went on sale in February 2011 and were sold until May 2012. The issue at the heart of this case relates to the two graphics chips used, which were made by Advanced Micro Devices and Intel.

Apple used eco-friendly lead-free solder to connect the GPU to the main circuit board of the laptop. This material develops "tin whiskers" which can cause short circuiting and is also known to crack when exposed to high temperatures.

The plaintiffs are furious that Apple did not just recall the affected machines, instead offering physical repairs as well as a software patch.

"Just days after these laptops went on sale, consumers worldwide began reporting to Apple that the 2011 MacBook Pros suffered from random bouts of graphical distortion, system instability and system failures," the filing continues.

"Apple’s customers paid a premium for their products and were promised, and came to expect, the highest levels of performance, graphical richness, and durability. Apple, however, has failed to remedy the inherent graphics defect in the 2011 MacBook Pros,causing tens of thousands of frustrated and disappointed customers to air their grievances online."

If the class action is successful, the plaintiffs would like to see a "common fund for repairs for, or replacement of, the MacBook Pros" as well as the payment of costs and damages.

The firm in charge of the case is called Whitfield Bryson & Mason and the action only affects customers who bought their computer in Florida or California.

A petition relating to the Macbook 2011 has been signed by more than 23,000 people.

On a Facebook page set up to discuss the alleged technical flaws with the 2011 Macbook Pro, the legal firm said it would also be interested in launching a similar case in Europe. ®

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