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By | Paul Kunert 19th February 2014 11:55

Return of the king: Gass anointed Tech Data UK boss again

Just don't mention the accounts unpleasantness. Oops

A little over two years after ending his second stint as Tech Data's UK and Ireland head honcho, Andy Gass is set to recline into his old MD chair again, with current incumbent Peter Hubbard to take over at the local Mobile sub.

Company veteran Gass only moved upstairs to be senior veep of south and west Europe at the start of 2012 after six years running the biggest tech distie in Blighty.

"I am pleased to be leading our operations in the UK and Ireland at this important time for the business," said Gass in a tinned statement.

As everyone in the channel knows, TD last week published the findings of an accountancy investigation in which it restated profits for fiscal '11, '12 and '13, wiping some $27m after tax off the bottom line.

The probe began after the discovery of accounting errors in the UK - two other European country operations and one in Latin America were subsequently also found to have made serious mistakes.

Qualified chartered accountant Gass was in charge of the UK operations during two of those three fiscals.

TD previously said that all the staff responsible for the accounting woes had left but it did not name them. The Channel revealed last year that four UK finance staff had been suspended, while FD Phil James and finance controller Kevin Silverwood had allegedly resigned.

The distributor this week appointed its first chief ethics and compliance officer to convey to the rest of the industry and shareholders that further embarrassing episodes will not be repeated.

Gass added: "It is vital that we draw on the experience and expertise we have within our organisation to ensure that all parts of our business maintain their progression and growth".

He will report to Euro president Nestor Cano, and retains a seat on the European Executive Board.

As for popular channel figure Hubbard, who rocked up at TD UK as sales director in 2011, he is set to succeed Steven Nolan as MD of the Mobile operation. Nolan returns to TD Mobile Europe as head of vendor relations. ®

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