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By | Paul Kunert 17th October 2013 15:57

Enormo US reseller Insight rejigs top bods across rest of world

Top UK and EMEA execs are leaving, and sales 'are down' – sources

US-owned reseller Insight is clearing out a chunk of heavy duty sales experience to cut its cloth for leaner trade, say The Channel's sources.

The reseller made changes to its mid-market leadership team in Q2 after losing market share in the pursuit of bigger deals, when UK sales directors Gregg Pearce and Tim Westbrook left the business.

Industry sources now tell us that veterans including Insight EMEA veep of sales Tony Brooker, enterprise sales director Gary Butters and IT services director Tom Nesbit have all exited.

There is channel chatter that Insight closed off a tough Q3 in September, with UK sales rumoured to be below expectations. The US-headquartered firm is due to report those numbers on 30 October.

The latest senior departures follows the exit of EMEA president Stuart Fenton, who quit in April. He was due to remain on board until a successor was found, but chose to leave at the beginning of calendar Q3 and is believed to have completed the handover in August.

The board has yet to confirm an interim or permanent replacement, but whoever it is will likely concentrate on boosting the European business which has more obvious growth potential than the UK.

Boosting the services business in EMEA is also vital for the reseller giant – services accounted for just two per cent of the firm's regional revenues in Q2 of $421m.

Updated Insight UK MD Emma de Sousa, sent us a statement:

“As we begin a new phase in the life and development of our UK business we’ve identified a need to make changes to ensure we’re aligned for success as we move towards 2014 and beyond.

"For any business it’s vital that its cost base is appropriately aligned to enable it to realise sustained improvement in financial performance and part of that is having the right people in place to drive the business forward. While this has meant that we’re removing some costs from the business, we are also in the process of recruiting across all offices to increase the number of direct selling heads in the business." ®

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