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By | Chris Mellor 11th April 2011 10:30

Seagate gets new global sales head

The amazing case of the disappearing Dave

Seagate has announced a new EVP for global sales and marketing, Albert 'Rocky' Pimentel, while some doubt remains about the fate of previous incumbent Dave Mosley.

Pimentel replaces interim EVP Karl Richarz, who we are told was put in place "as Seagate’s management team planned its realignment strategy". He will "continue to manage Sales, Sales Operations and Marketing to ensure alignment and efficiency".

Seagate's Executive Management Team web page still lists Dave Mosley as EVP for sales, marketing and product line management. His LinkedIn profile still lists him as SVP for operations at Seagate - likely to be out of date info.

Mosley was in place as EVP for sales and marketing and customer service on 1 March when the 3TB Barracuda was launched. It looks as if Richarz quietly replaced Mosley between 1 March and 11 March.

This sequence of events could be interpreted as Mosley paying the price for the poor third quarter fiscal 2007 results and the equally poor second quarter results.

Pimentel's responsibilities are listed as leading the global team comprising Sales, Sales Operations, Product Line Management, Marketing and Retail. Seagate gives us a potted biography in its statement:

Mr. Pimentel has served on Seagate’s Board of Directors since 2009 and has played a central leadership role at a number of well-known technology companies. His storage industry experience includes being a member of the early Seagate management team working with founders Al Shugart and Finis Conner as well as being part of the founding management team of Conner Peripherals. Since that time, his diverse career experience included having served as COO and CFO of McAfee [which Intel bought in August 2010], and SVP and CFO of LSI Logic.

His lengthy high-technology background also includes serving as a member of the Board of Directors of Xilinx, as well as senior leadership positions at Glu Mobile, Zone Labs, WebTV Networks and Redpoint Ventures. His successful experiences in storage, enterprise software, consumer software, internet services, digital media and consumer appliances complements the current and future market opportunities Seagate is pursuing.

There's a lot of financial experience but no direct sales experience listed. Pimentel is no longer on Seagate's board and now reports directly to Seagate chairman, president and CEO Steve Luczo.

Pimentel does have experience in enterprise software, which is either a current or future market opportunity for Seagate - though there's no such category of product listed on Seagate's product web page. ®

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