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Blighty tablet sales plunge 31 per cent in saturated market

Eurozone buffer helps desktop PCs sales rise 20 per cent, however
Kat Hall, 28 Jul 09:31

Intel tests definition of insanity with (leaked) typoslab Skylake CPUs

Ultrabooks, tablets, all-in-one PCs ... these are still selling, right? Right?
Chris Williams, 28 Jul 04:58

Ballmer's billion-dollar blunders: When he gambled Microsoft's money and lost

Analysis Nokia is the biggest write-off yet, but it wasn't the first
Neil McAllister, 27 Jul 10:02

Oracle storage analytics break Oracle storage appliances

Big Red warns of ZFS boxen halting when you delve too greedily and too deep
Simon Sharwood, 27 Jul 04:57

EU rubber-stamps Nokia's proposed Alcatel-Lucent gobble

Says they're 'not close competitors'
Neil McAllister, 25 Jul 08:01

How to waste two years and lose $415m: Cisco's now-dead Whiptail deal

Exclusive + analysis A sorry story of whipped tales, angst and attrition
Chris Mellor, 24 Jul 18:16

Intel promises 'scores' of deals to underpin enterprise cloud

Intel has decided the cloud isn’t quite built for the needs of enterprises, and has promised to strike “scores” of collaborations and investments to solidify a Software Defined Infrastructure that will redress the balance.

Unisys halts and catches fire: Mainframe builder dives into the red

Mainframe maker Unisys plunged into the red during its second quarter of 2015, posting losses of $58.2m (£37.6m).

Microsoft delivers Exchange 2016 Preview

Born in the cloud, only lives on Windows Server 2012, CAS servers kicked out of home

HP slaps dress code on R&D geeks: Bin that T-shirt, put on this tie

Exclusive Grumbling from techies as rules enforced to keep customers happy – source
hard step by  cc2.0 attribution no derivs

BlackBerry vows to make even fewer phones

It isn’t just Microsoft that’s going on a drastic phone diet. BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen today indicated that the Canadian enterprise vendor would cut its device portfolio from the four devices previously promised for 2015 to “two or one” a year.

IBM slurps database-as-a-service outfit Compose

IBM has acquired Californian database-as-a-service concern Compose, formerly known as MongoHQ, for an undisclosed sum.

Embarrassed Amazon admits to actually MAKING MONEY as cloud biz blooms

Investors blindsided by unexpected profit
Neil McAllister, 23 Jul 21:41

The green salamander is OUT: Cisco gives up on Invicta flash arrays

Sources whisper to El Reg while firm won't confirm – or deny
Chris Mellor, 23 Jul 15:55

EMC's turbulent trifecta temporarily ties Tucci to top table

Comment CEO sends united federation off to seek out new life and new civilisations
Chris Mellor, 23 Jul 13:28

Investors fling fresh cash at Mike Lynch-backed Darktrace

Former spook-operated biz now worth more than £60m
Kat Hall, 23 Jul 12:00

We need the power of corporates, says OpenStack exec

Linux-for-cloud head rejects pioneer's claim of a 'lost soul'
Gavin Clarke, 23 Jul 11:39

Cisco exits set-top box biz, sheds US$1.8bn of revenue

Technicolor flings €550 million to pick up Borg's Connected Devices Division
Richard Chirgwin, 23 Jul 06:29

Cloudy VMs leak ID details that could allow attacks, says researcher

Hot chips and other kit produce artefacts that let bad guys indentify and isolate VMs
Richard Chirgwin, 23 Jul 05:29

Microsoft launches Advanced Threat Analytics

Pitch: Bust up the 200 day-long hacker party.
Team Register, 23 Jul 04:02

Storage unicorns and their hyped-up horns

Comment Facing impalation on their own bony proboscii
Chris Mellor, 22 Jul 20:56

Storage slump? Dunno what you're talking about, beams EMC

But infrastructure refreshes are slowing, warns top man Tucci
Chris Mellor, 22 Jul 15:33

Cut-throat cloud pricing not as cut-throat as you'd think

Look away from the static pricing for services...
Joe Fay, 22 Jul 13:28

Lockheed Martin's bored with IT and going back to fast jets

So, military hardware is more interesting than tech procurement
Kat Hall, 22 Jul 09:32

UK's Crown Commercial Service creams off £72m from frameworks

Bureaucratic body has year of 'intense activity'
Kat Hall, 22 Jul 07:59

VMware sprawls across the data centre to post 'solid' Q2 results

$1.6 BEELLION revenue, 2,000 VSANs now in production but no mention of EVO:RAIL
Simon Sharwood, 22 Jul 05:31

Google signs as OpenStack sponsor

Google and the OpenStack Foundation have announced that the former entity has signed as a Corporate Sponsor of the latter.

Sky still blue, above the ocean: Google still raking it in

Gigantic automated advertising machine Google has logged yet another quarter of sound results, showing that if you can get punters in the door to buy magic digital beans without ever having a paid staff member interact with them, you'll do well indeed.

Pray for AMD

We were warned, but AMD's second-quarter results were still a shocking bloodbath, with revenue that missed analysts' estimates and came in even lower than the chipmaker's own revised guidance.
Sheep, image via Shutterstock

Feel like you're being herded onto Windows 10? Well, you should

Comment Roll up, roll up for Windows 10, the greatest show on Earth! Forget everything you think you know or might have heard. THIS changes everything.


Ship scrapyard photo via Shutterstock
Windows 10 Universal Apps
Windows 10 on Surface 3

Tim Anderson

It's do-or-die for Microsoft's new operating system on 29 July
Wine Taps by N Wong, Flickr, CC 2.0 License

Simon Sharwood

Clouds sell compute by the glass. On-premises kitmakers want to sell wine-as-a-service

Greg Knieriemen

Privacy, security, information sovereignty, what we all want, right?


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Nokia is the biggest write-off yet, but it wasn't the first
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