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Dell 'struggling to raise funds for EMC gobble'

A falling tech market sinks all boats
Iain Thomson, 12 Feb 01:04

Insight Enterprises CEO: our EMEA ops are firing... no not staff

Cloud business grows double digits but can't offset sluggish on-prem IT sales
Paul Kunert, 11 Feb 16:37

Great news, investors of Hortonworks: Only $179.1m net loss in 2015

Still burning bank notes, but at least not at both ends

Google after six-year tax foot-drag: No they're fine about the fine. We're fine. No fine

£130m tax bill over 10 years biggest settlement outside US
Kat Hall, 11 Feb 14:10

Heart Internet in 22-hour TITSUP after data centre power stuffup

One of the 'most efficient and resilient data centres in Europe'

Enterprise network spend hits the brakes – and Cisco's OK with that

$11bn is still $11bn
Richard Chirgwin, 11 Feb 00:53
Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina makes like HP and splits – ex-CEO quits White House race

After her campaign garnered just four per cent of the vote in the New Hampshire primaries, Carly Fiorina has announced that she has suspended her run to be US commander in chief, but will carry on campaigning.

ARM pumps fist as profits soar, warns of weaker hand in 2016

Chip designer ARM once again posted bumper annual results, with profits up 31 per cent to £414.8m on revenue of £968m, up 22 per cent.

Techie the most recession-proof job

But sector still took jobs hit and an 11% pay cut in 'real terms'

VMware finally gets all its end-user computing ideas together as one

'Workspace One' to compete with Citrix's Workspace Suite, with help from new PCoIP alternative 'Blast'
Merlin Data Center Interior

Private clouds kinda suck, you know?

Sysadmin Blog Are enterprises really starting to act like service providers? If you ask vendors, social media and "thought influencers" hired to speak at conferences, the answer is yes. I'm not so sure.

Ballmer schools SatNad on Microsoft's mobile strategy: You need one

The world’s wealthiest activist shareholder, Steve Ballmer, has offered another critique of Microsoft, the company he helped build.

Imation: Data storage? No, come to us for, er, investment advice

Analysis Hands out cash for activist investor's fund to manage, too
Chris Mellor, 09 Feb 10:38

Dell PowerEdge R730: Reg rack monkeys crack smiles over kindness of engineers

Review Steady on: Nothing shocking, but it's good kit nonetheless

Those converged infrastructure vendors are cannibals, I tell you

Commodity servers ate my storage hardware lunch
Drew Cullen, 08 Feb 15:45

Big hybrid iron swinger Infinidat bigs up its own growth

Unlisted company doing well off decline of legacy arrays
Chris Mellor, 08 Feb 14:53

Health Secretary promises NHS £4.2bn to go 'digital'

Ponder: How much paper was used to promise paperless NHS?
Kat Hall, 08 Feb 13:26

TalkTalk confesses: Scammers have data about our engineers' visits to your home

Info exploited, say customers
Kat Hall, 08 Feb 11:57

Bye-bye, BT: Finance director jumps ship

Latest departure in executive exodus
Kat Hall, 08 Feb 10:27

Europe makes it rain for cloud biz: £30m of gold showered on BT, IBM etc

And Accenture and Atos and ... wait, no Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure?
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Feb 08:01

Cisco recalls switches that could short power to the case. And hurt you

You'll never think of 'Cisco Live' in quite the same way again
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Feb 07:21

BlackBerry axes 200 jobs – including a third of its HQ staff

Troubled smartphone biz's latest recovery plan: Paying fewer people
Shaun Nichols, 05 Feb 22:21

Misco locks-in, loads-up sales director Remmington

They liked him so much, they brought him to the company
Paul Kunert, 05 Feb 15:32

Virgin gives blessing to O2/Three merger

Eyes up prospect of tasty 4G
Kat Hall, 05 Feb 14:26

Cisco's purple princesses gush workplace joy

The company's stance on lavender locks? 'Just rock it!'
Lester Haines, 05 Feb 14:03

Arrow: Fraudsters impersonated one of our execs to steal money

It's costing us $13m... but the cops are on their tail
Paul Kunert, 05 Feb 12:46
retro cartoon featuring two men fighting against cloud backdrop

Microsoft showers Office 365 sellers with gold in Google snub

Microsoft is again rattling Google’s cage by throwing money at channel folk that convert small businesses into Office 365 believers.
Cloudy sky

Former Oracle man Block fills Salesforce's COO slot

Oracle's former US sales chief Keith Block has been handed the keys to Salesforce by his boss Marc Benioff.
Mr Creosote prepares to gobble

World's annual mobile data intake to hit 367 exabytes by 2020

Continued growth of mobile broadband, connected devices and economic development will have data consumption rising by 53 per cent yearly from now to 2020.

How many Surface power cords are a fire risk? 2.25 million in the US alone

Microsoft has yet to go public on the number of Surface Pro power cords it is recalling over fire concerns, but the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has: it’s more than two million Stateside alone.


Merlin Data Center Interior

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A VC with startup agenda slams established suppliers. Surprised? Neither were we
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Kat Hall

Cornwall's win over BT should be a cautionary relationship tale
Zombie rising from the grave


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