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Sysadmins can forget PC management skills, says Microsoft

Certification for Desktop Infrastructure binned in favour of Devices and Apps course
Simon Sharwood, 07 Oct 01:28

Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop

JUST KIDDING, REDMOND – its first proper tab-top is packed with power and $1500 price tag
Iain Thomson, 06 Oct 19:46

Safe harbour ruling: RELAX, Facebook and Google will be FINE!

Data-heavy, medium firms will be hit hardest
Jennifer Baker, 06 Oct 14:56

Oracle swaps around its licence police bods' top ranks

UKII senior chief with solid compliance past takes reins
Gavin Clarke, 06 Oct 12:25

Silicon Valley now 'illegal' in Europe: Why Schrems vs Facebook is such a biggie

Analysis It's like Humpty, without the King's horses
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Oct 12:04

'One Windows' crunch time: Microsoft tempts with glittery new devices

If devs convinced by single platform, we're in business
Tim Anderson, 06 Oct 11:37

Safe Harbour ruled INVALID: Facebook 'n' pals' data slurp at risk

In a landmark ruling that will have far-reaching repercussions, Europe’s highest court has ruled that data sharing between the EU and US under the Safe Harbour framework is invalid.
A beautiful new Cisco vuln report

Cisco reforms its security disclosure process

Cisco has reformed the way it discloses vulnerabilities in its products.

If you wanted Windows 10, it looks like you've already installed it

Market share for Redmond's latest hits SEVEN per cent but growth slows markedly

IBM gobbles storage upstart Cleversafe

IBM is buying object storage startup Cleversafe for an undisclosed amount of cash or shares.
management consumerisation

Veritas-free Symantec: what is glittery and easier to slip into?

Efforts to jump start revenue growth at Symantec started today with a revamped channel programme that threatens to shower third party sellers with more cash, coughed more frequently.

Digital Services to be killed off early next year, confirms

Welcome the shiny new SME friendly DOS
Paul Kunert, 05 Oct 14:33

Enterprise IT bucks fly to the cloud

But traditional spending to slip...for the next five years
Joe Fay, 05 Oct 13:40

Don't want to fork out for NAND flash? You're not alone. Disk still rules

Petabytes shipped growth disparity revealed
Chris Mellor, 05 Oct 13:28

US tries one last time to sway EU court on data-slurping deal

Business as usual in 4,400 companies at stake
Jennifer Baker, 05 Oct 12:25

Capita and private equity biz circling, sniffing around Xchanging

Synergies... yes, we'll find a few. '£35m' worth - Crapita
Paul Kunert, 05 Oct 09:59

DCIG rates top-selling EMC flash array as survey bottom-dweller

Are you sure? Can you really tell with all that wool over your eyes?
Chris Mellor, 05 Oct 09:34

By the numbers: The virtualisation options for private cloud hopefuls

VMware, Hyper-V… XenServer? The choice is yours
Tom Baines, 05 Oct 08:39

Micron: Those dratted PCs, dragging down our revenues

And SSD market has become a bit of a 'bloodbath'
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 14:34

Trustmarque: 2014 was a helluva year – for all the wrong reasons

NHS supplier's accounts splattered in red ink
Paul Kunert, 02 Oct 14:21

How do you solve a problem like Elliott? EMC's got 3 weeks to figure it out

And at that point things will get mighty interesting
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 12:02

HP fills those big old shoes vacated by Sue Barsamian

Cloud exec Kerry Bailey ushered into global enterprise channel boss role
Paul Kunert, 02 Oct 11:18

Autonomy ex-boss Lynch tells of poisonous life within HP in High Court showdown

Analysis Mike claims merger was sabotaged from Day One
Neil McAllister, 02 Oct 07:02

AMD to axe a few more staff as it struggles to get back to black

Around 500 layoffs planned in modest restructuring proposal
Neil McAllister, 01 Oct 22:00

Barracuda misses Q2 results target

CEO blames market malaise in Europe, storage slow-down
Chris Mellor, 01 Oct 17:35

AMD spray-paints 'Pro A-series for biz' over its Carrizo notebook chips

Intel's human shield from monopoly watchdogs AMD has quietly revealed some processor packages for business PCs.

Microsoft says Mesos support is coming with Azure Container Service

Building on its existing support for containerized applications on its Azure cloud, Microsoft on Tuesday announced the Azure Container Service, a new environment for running cloudy container workloads based on Docker and Apache Mesos.
Railway line split. Pic: Ian Sane

Blood in the boardroom as Imation ejects from tape media business

Clinton Group execs in charge at struggling Imation have started restructuring the business to make it a tastier dish, discarding its tape media business, selling off property assets and starting a Nexsan array business restructuring exercise.
A large hand flicks an icon of a little red man. Image via shutterstock (Lasse Kristensen)

Capita: O2 call centre staff exodus is premature evacuation

Capita has “invited” O2 call centre staff with one eye on the exit to stick around for a little longer, and the resulting excitement at such a prospect is palpable.



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