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HP's split surgeon Bill Veghte splits from HP

Antonio Neri ascends to top of Enterprise Group
Neil McAllister, 30 Jun 20:04

Confused Colt dumps the IT services market while revenues shrink

Company will burn millions shutting down biz
Kat Hall, 30 Jun 14:21

Half of Windows Server 2003 fans will miss July's security cut-off

Please, sir, can we have a Custom Support Agreement?
Gavin Clarke, 30 Jun 13:39

Universal Credit white elephant needs 'urgent breakthrough' says MP

£16bn moneypit project shambles on, ignoring deadlines as it goes
Kat Hall, 30 Jun 12:40

Surging US dollar curbs global IT budgets

5.5% fall masks increased activity, says Gartner
Drew Cullen, 30 Jun 10:58

Tech Mahindra posts profit warning: The end for Indian outsourcing?

‘Seasonally weak’ mobility business to blame
Kat Hall, 29 Jun 11:03

Smart meters set to cost Blighty as much as replacing Trident

Smart meters will cost as much as the Trident nuclear deterrent to implement, with the full cost of the scheme rising to £19bn, according to a government report.
Windows 10 on Surface 3

Windows 10 is due in one month: Will it be ready?

Analysis The release of Windows 10 is set for 29 July, just one month from now. It will be a significant moment, marking the first Windows 10 release in a wave that will eventually include Windows Mobile and Xbox, and is critically important to Microsoft following the poor reception for Windows 8.

Cloud storage is a three-way race with no contenders

AWS, Google and Azure in front, but archiving not core workloads are the sweet spot

Hated scheme now 'unachievable', howls watchdog

Project is one of four so bad it's easier to flush the money down the toiilet
keyboard with 'Help' key

Layoff-happy Capita charges staff to use cutlery in canteens

Times are tough for Capita, or so it seems. The outsourcing giant is squeezing extra margin from its employees by charging them to use cutlery, cups and trays in the canteen.
Stock market. Pic: Alberto Carrasco Casado

Sophos: We'll have a market cap of £1bn when we IPO

Brit security slinger Sophos’s listing on the London Stock Exchange went live today, giving the firm a market cap of around £1bn – a valuation that has caused a stir among analysts.

It's sales boom time for (some) converged infrastructure vendors

Integrate all the things!
Drew Cullen, 26 Jun 11:17

Micron blames dismal PC sales for EVERYTHING

But biz thinks 3D NAND will sell like hot cakes and fix all the financial badness
Chris Mellor, 26 Jun 10:19

Microsoft's magic hurts: Nadella signals 'tough choices' on the way

CEO sugar-coats the medicine for Nokia phone biz
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jun 09:59 spaffed billions into IT projects at 'high risk of failure' last year

Annual Report still makes for ‘encouraging reading’ though
Kat Hall, 26 Jun 09:29

Microsoft's new mission statement: It's all about doing MAGICAL THINGS

Nadella's latest mega-memo has Redmond transforming the WORLD
Neil McAllister, 26 Jun 00:42

Logicalis takes wrapping off shiny Brit-based SMC practice

Euro boss: I said we'll push into services, and by God we will
Paul Kunert, 25 Jun 16:47

Capita: Call centre workers, can you fall on your swords? Please?

Voluntary redundo for staff managing O2 clients
Paul Kunert, 25 Jun 15:40

Dell cooks up cloud recipes with Microsoft, VMware and OpenStack

Would you like a sprinkling of finance on that, sir?
Gavin Clarke, 25 Jun 14:15

SCC: Look at our bulging figure(s). We're fatter than some MSPs

Ignore crashing product sales, that was planned... honest
Paul Kunert, 25 Jun 13:35

Bank of England CIO: ‘Beware of the cloud, beware of vendors’

Old Lady grumbles about new thingy
Gavin Clarke, 25 Jun 11:03

Pure's mass disk drive killer lays out plans for flash hegemony

Comment All-flash array pusher is agin' retainin' rusty rotators
Chris Mellor, 25 Jun 08:29

Docker shocker: It's got a commercial product, and is ready to SELL IT

DockerCon 2015 Look, ma, we're a real business now
Neil McAllister, 24 Jun 23:34

Juniper pals up with Ruckus Wireless, targets Cisco (again)

Aruba? Never heard of 'em
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Jun 22:56

Docker and Microsoft unite Windows and Linux in the cloud

DockerCon 2015 Redmond demos cross-platform containerized apps
Neil McAllister, 24 Jun 21:42

Microsoft sez soz over Windows 10 'freebie' balls-up

Microsoft has attempted yet more damage control regarding Windows 10, after the software giant confused world+dog into thinking that anyone could qualify for a freebie version of its soon-to-be-released operating system.
Files in manager's desk drawers: manila folder marked "Redundancies". Image via shutterstock

CSC insiders: 800 job cuts will hit service delivery for punters

CSC is pressing ahead with plans to axe hundreds of workers, brushing aside concerns from some employees that customers are already feeling the pinch of past cost cutting actions.

Nokia files for EU permission to buy Alcatel-Lucent

The European Commission has set 27 July as D-Day for its decision on the Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent takeover.
Docker CTO Solomon Hykes

Inside the Open Container Project: Docker sings kumbaya

DockerCon 2015 For a while, it looked as though software containers were heading for the kind of standards squabble that has plagued the tech industry too often in its history.


Windows 10 on Surface 3

Tim Anderson

It's do-or-die for Microsoft's new operating system on 29 July
Wine Taps by N Wong, Flickr, CC 2.0 License

Simon Sharwood

Clouds sell compute by the glass. On-premises kitmakers want to sell wine-as-a-service

Greg Knieriemen

Privacy, security, information sovereignty, what we all want, right?
Microsoft's Joe Belfiore, speaking at Build 2015

Andrew Orlowski

Redmond devotees may as well have demanded manga desktop wallpaper
Android icon desktop toys

Andrew Orlowski

Samsung ponders thwarted efforts to climb up the stack

Dale Vile

Or more to the point, what people do with it


Android icon desktop toys
Nice devices, now speak 'enterprise' to me
Standard Form 86 reads like a biography of each intelligence worker
Protestor barricade image via Shutterstock
Breaking through the hardware barricades to a new network state
Miss Piggy sings opera
Collapsed house
‘AWS is to the era of cloud what Microsoft is to client/server’