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Cash-happy BlackBerry slurps one-time rival Good for $425m

Mobe-maker formerly known as RIM finds bundle of notes behind the sofa
Kat Hall, 04 Sep 14:58

Larry Ellison's yacht isn't threatened by NoSQL – yet

But he might have to buy a NoSQL dinghy to tie to the back of it
Matt Asay, 04 Sep 09:30

Is SanDisk becoming an acquisition target as the market consolidates?

‘We don't comment on rumour or speculation’. But we do
Chris Mellor, 04 Sep 08:02

Amazon slurps Elemental

AWS Cloud to spin up video formatting services
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Sep 05:30

Windows 10 grabbed about five per cent market share in August

Unless this really is the year of the Linux desktop ...
Simon Sharwood, 04 Sep 01:56

Dead Steve Jobs' Silicon Valley wage-rigging plot costs Apple, Google, Adobe, Intel $415m

L-Koh gives O-K to settlement payout
Shaun Nichols, 03 Sep 20:05

Microsoft boosts Azure's VM creds with price cuts and GS

Microsoft has increased the size of its compute-and storage-centric cloud VM instances while cutting prices by up to 27 per cent.

Work has started on VMware's secret security disruptor

Late in 2014, VMware's network virtualisation guru Martin Casado suggested that his next move after getting network virtualisation up and running as a business might be to try a new approach to enterprise security.

NHS to go paperless by 2020. No, really, it will, says gros fromage

Dead tree goalposts are noiselessly, virtually moved once again

Look over here! SAP unveils big data HANA update

Please buy our in-memory databases, says German ERP peddler

BIS shuns Steria HR and payroll shared services centre

Exclusive The department for Business, Innovation and Skills has shunned a major outsourcing deal with Steria and the Cabinet Office, embarrassingly citing the costs and risks of the project as "no longer viable".
Windows 10 floppy disk

VMware bids to bust out of servers and onto Windows desktops

VMworld 2015 VMware's trying to put itself into the Windows desktop management business with its AirWatch mobile device management and identity management products.

Hidden password-stealing malware lurking in your GPU card? Intel Security thinks not

Neat trick but not undetectable
John Leyden, 01 Sep 19:49

Ed Snowden crocked cloud, says VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

VMworld 2015 Oh no! Biz needs cross-cloud abstraction to move data across borders
Simon Sharwood, 01 Sep 18:48

Danwood CEO Francis exits stage left

Hauled half-dead print services biz back to black
Paul Kunert, 01 Sep 15:53

CSC beefs up public sector biz with $390m merger deal

Okays SRA soiree – whatever will be will be
Kat Hall, 01 Sep 12:53

Apple muscles in on biz world AGAIN – this time with Cisco pact

Will hanging on the telephone help shift more iOS gear to enterprises?
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Sep 11:06

MoD gets green light to splash £7.8m on Oracle licences

Database goliath reaffirms its stranglehold, despite cost-cutting efforts
Kat Hall, 01 Sep 08:05

VMware unleashes vCAOS on the world

VMworld 2015 VMware's vCloud Air Object Storage with either Google or EMC ViPR
Chris Mellor, 31 Aug 18:47

Administrator tries to squeeze blood out of Stone Computers' parent

Exclusive Pre-pack agreed for Stone Topco but rival bid expected
Paul Kunert, 28 Aug 12:10

Computacenter CEO: Currency headwind? Yep, that hurt alright

But Brit sub strikes back to steady top line, and RDC sale beefs up profits
Paul Kunert, 28 Aug 11:08

Violin's breakeven within reach, but revenues still falling

There’s only so much lipstick you can put on this pig
Chris Mellor, 28 Aug 10:37

Mass redundancy marathon nearly over at HP

Brit heads to roll over the finish line... mostly in Enterprise Services
Paul Kunert, 28 Aug 10:03

Rackspace looks to have bypassed vCloud Director upgrade

Signs with cashed-up upstart AirVM for Virtzilla-powered cloud management
Simon Sharwood, 28 Aug 03:58

The enterprise hardware market is growing. You read that right. Growing

Servers up six points. Switches up, slightly. Routers up. Really. Cloud? Not a killer, it seems
Simon Sharwood, 28 Aug 02:58

Apple's fruity wristjob breathes down Fitbit's neck

Two thirds of flogged smart wearables were Apple Watches
Gavin Clarke, 27 Aug 18:01
Whitehall road sign. Sgt Tom Robinson RLC/Crown copyright Size matters, and we like it SMALL but MORE

The government looks set to wave its procurement wand and make one-third of its £45bn per year procurement spend appear to go to SMEs by 2020.
management project2

If new NetApp CEO George Kurian has a plan it's under his hat

Newly-appointed NetApp CEO George Kurian today made his first appearance before the press outside the USA and hinted at the directions in which he plans to take the company.
Data Centre

Dude, you're getting a few thousand custom Dells!

Dell has launched a new business line of custom servers to companies with unique needs and those that don't quite want the server volume of "hyperscale" data centers.

Intel Security hires ex-Cisco and Avaya man to run global channels

Intel Security - the company formerly known as McAfee - has hired ex-Avaya global channel overlord Richard Steranka to run the rule over its worldwide partner network.


Trevor Pott

Why aren't you, personally, stopping the moronocalypse?
Star Trek Into Darkness

Chris Mellor

Federation fissiparousness to form co-ordinated divisions

Chris Mellor

EMC is ahead overall with HDS mounting an IoT catch-up
Ship scrapyard photo via Shutterstock
Windows 10 Universal Apps


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