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What's Brexit? How Tech UK tore up its plans after June 23

EU workers, new markets: post-Brexit pressure on May & Co
SA Mathieson, 25 Jul 08:01

IT boss 'set up fake companies to charge his employers $2.4m'

Everything's bigger in Texas … including the fraud, allegedly
Shaun Nichols, 22 Jul 23:36

Revealed: How Dell can afford $67bn for EMC – by selling $650k laptops

World exclusive Ambitious finance plan looks to bring big bucks
Shaun Nichols, 22 Jul 19:48

Guess who gets hit hard by IR35 tax clampdown? Yep, IT contractors

More tax, no extra benefits. Ta, HMRC
Kat Hall, 22 Jul 15:00

Third time unlucky? HPE in redundancy talks with UK services staff

Volunteers, walk this way
Paul Kunert, 22 Jul 14:02

Free Windows 10 upgrade: Time is running out – should you do it?

Some downsides, but most Windows users will be surprised
Tim Anderson, 22 Jul 13:03
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Reasons to be cheerful at Insight: Let's start with bring your dog to work

Forget sales commissions, career progression or job satisfaction, Insight Enterprises has another type of employment glue to ensure staff stick around - and it involves dogs.
Woman looking sceptical. photo by shutterstock

They kept that quiet. PC sales via distributors DID rise in Q2

It is a Friday and El Reg is pleased to be able to answer the burning question on the lips of readers across the land - just how did PC sales via distribution do in the second quarter? They went well.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Brexit, weak pound. A price hike is coming

Exclusive Servers, storage, legacy networking now up 6-10%

Oh dear, Vodafone: Sales dip in UK

Blames shonky billing migration

Ingram Micro and Tianjin Tianhai: Go on, PROBE us

Ingram Micro and the Chinese logistics giant Tianjin Tianhai that wants to buy it confirmed they are to submit the proposed $6bn bid for review to the Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States.
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Oracle tools up for cloud wars with sales re-org

Oracle has shaken up its sales force to drive cloud business, multiple sources have told The Register.

Gartner's hype cycle turned upside down to assess Brexit

Brexit will hurt, but less than predicted once we reach the Plateau of Pragmatism
Simon Sharwood, 22 Jul 05:01

XtremIO heading for the bin? Total BS, thunders CTO Itzik Reich

EMC slams rumors of scaling, availability headaches
Chris Mellor, 21 Jul 21:39

Official: AMD now stands for Avoiding Miserable Death

Officially on El Reg, that is – Mini-chipzilla in the black after strong console chip sales
Chris Williams, 21 Jul 20:45

Bosses at UK infosec biz Quadsys confess to hacking rival reseller

Sentencing set for September
Paul Kunert, 21 Jul 17:44

UK councils refuse to push data into the cloud

More than two data centres each? Perfectly reasonable
Kat Hall, 21 Jul 14:39

Ransomware gang: How can I extort you today?

Step 1. Improve customer service. Step 2.???? Step 3 PROFIT!!!
John Leyden, 21 Jul 11:25

Whoa! Shanghai Stock Exchange delays $6bn Ingram Micro takeover

How will you fund this, Tianjin Tianhai?
Paul Kunert, 21 Jul 10:10

BT customers hit by broadband outage ... again

Another power problem, this time at Telehouse North
Kat Hall, 21 Jul 09:03

The cloud ain't making it rain for Intel right now: Tech giants pause server chip sales

Analysis We can always rely on PCs, right? Er...
Chris Williams, 21 Jul 08:20

Everyone's favorite infosec biz – Blue Coat – must cough up $40m to rival in patent rip-off row

From SSL cert blowup to busted infringement appeal
Shaun Nichols, 20 Jul 21:46

Microsoft ordered to fix 'excessively intrusive, insecure' Windows 10

Updated Vous avez trois mois, Nadella
Iain Thomson, 20 Jul 21:08

Logicalis: Top line shrinks as UK restructuring continues

Things no better at sister biz Westcon
Paul Kunert, 20 Jul 15:34

BT internet outage was our fault, says Equinix

Faulty UPS takes out 10 per cent of BT customers
Kat Hall, 20 Jul 13:07 digi peeps hunt open source chief

First among penguins
Gavin Clarke, 20 Jul 12:43
VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

VMware promises multi-cloud connection and management products

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger has dropped a very strong hint that the company plans to get into multi-cloud connectivity and management.

What's big, blue and red all over? IBM. Profit, z Systems down, cloud up

IBM today reported its second quarter financial results and the figures don't look good, with profits falling nearly 30 per cent.

Shelfware wars should be conceded, admits Microsoft compliance boss

The UK head of Software Asset Management (SAM) and Compliance at Microsoft, Mark Bradford, admitted at a recent seminar held by one of its enterprise licensing sellers Bytes that Shelfware issues “should be conceded”.
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Ed Vaizey booted to backbench, Hancock booted to DCMS

New UK Prime Minister Theresa May's reshuffle last week resulted in higher pile of bodies than a Game of Thrones wedding. Among a number of big hitters to be axed, including George Osborne, was digital and cultural minister Ed Vaizey.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Chris Mellor

Thousands of layoffs announced as spinning rust enters its death spiral

Chris Mellor

BTIG analysts ponder Pure's position and fall in (qualified) love
chef presents a roast chicken in pomegranate sauce. Photo by Shutterstock

Enrico Signoretti

Flash cacher gets undermined by cheapening flash

Gavin Clarke

If only lawyers could make money rather than costing money


Plan b, image via Shutterstock
EU workers, new markets: post-Brexit pressure on May & Co
Tough question, pic via Shutterstock
Honest mistake with your licensing? Audit police look at it on a 'case by case basis'
Kevin Turner
Last of Steve Ballmer's old guard heads for the exit
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