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Boring old Brocade just sits there making money. Damn them

Irritatingly stable firm just trundles along like a vintage Volvo
Chris Mellor, 22 May 16:34

Huawei peels back the covers in pursuit of partner love

Ok so reseller recruitment was slow but we want to bed other partners too
Kat Hall, 22 May 15:32

£300m education tech framework is LIVE

No e-autions or fixed line broadband included, sorry
Paul Kunert, 22 May 13:17

Wanna buy a software reseller? Comparex big enough for you?

Owner of Microsoft licensing reselling giant hires investment banker
Paul Kunert, 22 May 12:38

HP storage revenues declining as the dithering continues

Comment Is a distracted Whitman twisting or sticking?
Chris Mellor, 22 May 10:35

UK data watchdog: Massive fines won't keep data safe

We should be able to use threats though
Jennifer Baker, 22 May 09:29
HP Logo splitting in two

HP beats the street on earnings, misses on revenue in Q2

HP has announced its results for its second fiscal quarter, and the news is mixed.
Sean Connery in Dr. No

Big sales growth nothing to do with NSA fears - Huawei top brass

Chinese kit-maker Huawei isn't apportioning swelling sales outside the Middle Kingdom to NSA snooping fears, more that double digit growth in Europe is related to brand recognition a decade after it up shop there.

School's in for Chromebooks, Google's the top swot in class

ChromeOS getting 'em while they're young

NetApp's customers resisting Clustered ONTAP transition

Wake up and smell the declining revenues

Imation CEO voted off board in proxy war bombshell

Imation's CEO has been provisionally voted off the company's board, as shareholders supported the activist investor Clinton Group in its view of Imation's alleged leadership failures.

Salesforce: Profit pah! We’ll be back in the red before you know it

Software service slinger banked its first operating profit in 18 quarters — yes, you read that correctly — but reassuringly confirmed it will be back in the red again in the next trading period.

Post-PC era? Surely you're joking, says Lenovo as computers fly out of door

Profits down following acquisitions, though
Paul Kunert, 21 May 10:26

Daisy Group offers to gobble Phoenix IT Group for £133m

Due diligence done, talks at 'advanced stage'
Paul Kunert, 21 May 08:39

HP looks set to ditch 3Com-spawn H3C Tech

Tsinghua Unigroup to scoop remnants of once-mighty Ethernet pioneer
Richard Chirgwin, 21 May 04:04

Extreme Networks restructures again, promises SDN pivot

Global workforce to be cut by 18 per cent in search of savings
Richard Chirgwin, 21 May 03:25

Cunningham exits EVault, pauses, then takes controls at Springpath

Set the controls for the hole in the dam
Chris Mellor, 20 May 17:32

Average enterprise 'using 71 services vulnerable to LogJam'

What do you mean our firewall has foundations made of cheese?
John Leyden, 20 May 16:29

Long knives at Logicalis as execs and vendors disposed of

Wales may not be important to you, but it bloody well was to us
Paul Kunert, 20 May 16:16

Hold on to your hats people, the MoD's found the cloud

180,000 users to be rolled onto Office 365 in Enterprise Agreement
Paul Kunert, 20 May 15:24

IaaS is OVER, ladies. Time for OpenStack to jump clear

Prepare for the brave new future: Web-scale middleware
Gavin Clarke, 20 May 14:38

CSC picks up axe, takes aim at its own profitable bits

North America public sector biz set to split off as results slide continues
Paul Kunert, 20 May 14:20

NetApp consciously uncouples from 500+ staff

Baffling wordblurt straight from the Gwyneth Paltrow soundbite phrasebook
Chris Mellor, 20 May 12:32

SimpliVity opens its doors to KVM, OpenStack

Hyper-V also on the roadmap for hyper-convergence evangelists
Simon Sharwood, 20 May 12:17

Nutanix CEO nixes Cisco buy rumours, swears allegiance to Michael Dell

Pandey — IPO still on the cards
Chris Mellor, 19 May 16:27

Public cloud? Two vendors float on high, says Gartner

AWS leads, but Microsoft still a clear second
Tim Anderson, 19 May 15:56

Didn't buy a tablet in Q1? You're not alone

It may just be the start of the post-tablet era, with shipments into retailers and tech distributors tumbling by double digits in the first three months of the year.
Funnel of cash. Credit: via SXC –

Symantec: Look at our Q4 numbers ... no, not those ones

The road to separation continues to be anything but smooth for Symantec’s security operation, particularly on the consumer front, as it again suffered from sales shrinkage, unlike the breakaway storage biz.

Gobblefest on horizon for managed services pair

The sales process for a couple of native data centre providers is gaining some momentum, with Six Degrees edging closer to a deal and Adapt appointing a corporate financier to market the business.
Railway line split. Pic: Ian Sane

Splitters! CSC to break itself into pieces following job cull

The break-up craze among the largest tech vendors may have reached the channel, with talk that CSC will separate its North America government unit from the rest of the private-sector sales organisation.


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Change is order of day as tech giants shift strategy gears

Frank Jennings

Confused? No problem, we have 5, no 6, no 7... lots of standards

Chris Mellor

VC sequence could end not with a bang, but a whimper


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