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FBI inks deal with Dell and Nutanix for embiggenable mutants

Hyperconverged hybrids snare the g-men
Chris Mellor, 08 Oct 15:37

CORRECTION: Stone Computers

Team Register, 08 Oct 15:35

AWS jabs at rivals, proclaims cloud the 'new normal'

AWS Reinvent We do hybrid too, insists senior VP Andy Jassy
Tim Anderson, 08 Oct 12:58

Vodafone joins calls to pry Openreach from BT's hands

+Comment Sky and TalkTalk also expected to beg for spin-out
Simon Rockman, 08 Oct 12:06

Understand 'Safe Harbor', Schrems v Facebook in under 300 words

A legal, er, brief

'Safe Harbor': People in Europe 'can get quite litigious about this'

US cloud businesses face 'legislative buzzsaw'
Kat Hall, 08 Oct 11:12
The new Surface 3

HP boss hopes MS Surface Book will jack up notebook prices

Canalys Channels Forum HP Inc’s boss welcomed Microsoft’s foray into the high-end notebook market this week, if it helped vendors push up price tags across the board.
The puppets from Team America: World Police gather at a bar for drinks.

Team Microsoft: Device Police... 'Are you pumped? I'm pumped'

Analysis “Someone out there must have a family,” Panos Pinay remarked yesterday, surveying his audience of potato-shaped gadget bloggers. An optimistic view, I thought. Pinay was presenting Microsoft’s Devices event in New York, an event designed to get bloggers’ juices running.

Online VAT fraud: Calls for government crackdown grow louder

eBay, Amazon fraudsters, cheap gear in the crosshairs

HP and pals release open source switch OS

OpenSwitch is a “brite box” NOS that welcomes being forked up
storage arrays superimposed on cloudy sky

Microsoft starts backup of on-prem workloads and desktops to Azure

Microsoft has announced it will now offer backups of on-premises SQL Server, Hyper-V virtual machines, SharePoint Server, Microsoft Exchange and windows clients to Azure.
AWS Snowball appliance

Disk boxes, security tools, etc: What Amazon announced at its AWS shindig on Wednesday

Amazon Web Services (AWS) kicked off its annual re:Invent conference on Wednesday with the introduction of a handful of new additions to its cloud computing service.

EMC and Dell considering 'a combination' – report

Update Was Cloudfather Tucci trying to offload VNX, rather than crowning King Mike?
Simon Sharwood, 07 Oct 23:38

So Pure Storage did its IPO thing and investors blinked – now what?

Comment After it didn't quite make its $17 opening price, here's where the upstart's going next
Chris Mellor, 07 Oct 22:05

Silicon Valley fights European Court of Justice ruling with small print

I think you’ll find we can still take your data, actually
Gavin Clarke, 07 Oct 17:03

HP won't squeeze itself into 3D printer consumer market

Canalys Channels Forum On track for 2016 pro launch...for now
Joe Fay, 07 Oct 15:25

Teradata's moon-on-a-stick approach: Floats on AWS and Microsoft Azure

Enterprise giant up against Amazon’s Redshift
Gavin Clarke, 07 Oct 14:01

The tyranny of choice: Why enterprise tech buyers are confused

Canalys Channels Forum The solution? I can't decide
Joe Fay, 07 Oct 12:42

Cheap money underpins the new wave of cloud software companies

Canalys Channels Forum IT future to rest on cash of the Titans?
Joe Fay, 07 Oct 12:22

Autonomy 'poisoned the well' for businesses seeking VC cash

Nobody wants to invest in enterprise search, says startup head
Kat Hall, 07 Oct 11:45

Now it's the security industry's turn to be burned by cloud

Amazon ignites Web Applications Firewall to char security chaff
Team Register, 07 Oct 04:28

Sysadmins can forget PC management skills, says Microsoft

Certification for Desktop Infrastructure binned in favour of Devices and Apps course
Simon Sharwood, 07 Oct 01:28

Worker drones don't need PCs says Microsoft, give 'em phones instead

Trio of new Lumia handsets seek to tempt from iOS, Android
Iain Thomson, 06 Oct 21:11

Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop

Just joshing, Redmond – its first proper tab-top is packed with power and $1500 price tag
Iain Thomson, 06 Oct 19:46

Safe harbour ruling: RELAX, Facebook and Google will be FINE!

Data-heavy, medium firms will be hit hardest
Jennifer Baker, 06 Oct 14:56

Oracle swaps around its licence police bods' top ranks

UKII senior chief with solid compliance past takes reins
Gavin Clarke, 06 Oct 12:25

How do you solve a problem like Elliott? EMC's got 3 weeks to figure it out

EMC has most of October to answer activist investor Elliott Management's demands for a shareholder value increase through a sell-off of VMware.

HP fills those big old shoes vacated by Sue Barsamian

Running HP’s global enterprise channel is a big job but someone’s got to do it. That someone is Kerry Bailey, currently a senior exec in the firm’s cloud division.

Autonomy ex-boss Lynch tells of poisonous life within HP in High Court showdown

Analysis Former Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch has stepped up his rhetoric against HP in his latest lawsuit against the firm, having characterized HP as a snake pit of backbiting and internecine squabbling where execs "generally fought amongst themselves like cats in a sack."

AMD to axe a few more staff as it struggles to get back to black

AMD has unveiled a belt-tightening plan that the struggling chipmaker hopes will get its finances back on track to profitability.



Chris Mellor

Tech Unplugged sees Reg presenter unplugged
Nimble Storage array

Tim Anderson

Lack of innovation and weak Windows 10 apps will hold back upgrades

Trevor Pott

Why aren't you, personally, stopping the moronocalypse?


The puppets from Team America: World Police gather at a bar for drinks.
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