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Oracle execs get that shrinking feeling

Larry, Mark and Safra's pay packet $46.5m lighter in fiscal '16
Paul Kunert, 24 Sep 13:39

Smelly toilets, smokers and the Kardishians. Virgin Media staff grill top brass

'New 'soft closers' good, but the acrylic panels make the bogs look like a CDT project
Kat Hall, 24 Sep 12:24

Winners and losers: Here's who made the cut for mega TP2 framework

Atos will not get trout in £4bn trough, neither will bunch of big PC brands
Paul Kunert, 23 Sep 14:46

Plusnet outage leaves customers unable to stream Netflix. Horrors!

Repeatedly outage-hit firm mumbles usual apologies
Kat Hall, 23 Sep 13:11

Microsoft: We're hugging trees to save the 'world'

Wouldn't be about cutting energy costs for your 100+ bit barns, then?
Dan Robinson, 23 Sep 12:46

Cisco preps the P45s for 500 unlucky UK staffers

Latest wave of software-inspired bloodletting
Kat Hall, 23 Sep 12:30

'Faceless' Liberty Global has 'sucked the very soul' out of Virgin Media

Exclusive Virgin Media staff have voiced widespread discontent over its gobble by Liberty Global, with one describing their new corporate daddy as "faceless change drivers with no concern for the Virgin values," according to a Q&A with senior management this week seen by The Register.

Sad reality: It's cheaper to get hacked than build strong IT defenses

Whenever mega-hacks like the Yahoo! fiasco hit the news, inevitably the question gets asked as to why the IT security systems weren't good enough. The answer could be that it's not in a company's financial interest to be secure.

Korean cargo line bailout saves Christmas for tech companies

HP and Samsung had goods stranded at sea by container line's bankruptcy

Oracle lawyers prevail in copyright case (No, not that, the other one)

Rimini Street will have to foot $46m legal bill
Red Hard Hat photo via Shutterstock

Big biz happy to whip out credit cards for pay-as-you-go – Red Hat

Analysis Linux and open-source cloud supremo Red Hat is looking at adapting its licensing to please enterprise customers who want greater flexibility in the way they pay for software and services, including a possible pay-as-you-go model.

Windows 10 backlash: Which? demands compo for forced upgrades

Microsoft has been given a roasting by consumer group Which? over Windows 10 woes reported by users, with the organisation calling for compensation for those who found their PCs bricked after auto-updates.

DDoS attacks: For the hell of it or targeted – how do you see them off?

Cloud-based DDoS defences introduce delays
Danny Bradbury, 22 Sep 08:02

Oracle's cloud strategy is simple – woo and win the latecomers

OpenWorld Hybrid cloud for those who dithered, like Big Red
Iain Thomson, 22 Sep 07:39

Microsoft deletes Windows 10 nagware from Windows 7 and 8

Windows Update silently did the deed, added a few security fixes for .Net Framework too
Simon Sharwood, 22 Sep 05:02

Cisco snaps shut remote pwnage hole in Cloud Services Platform

Flaw allowed hijacking via HTTP snippets
Shaun Nichols, 21 Sep 22:22

Microsoft cuts ribbon on Euro cloud bit barn for Office 365, Azure

Now only local spy agencies can slurp your data. Hurrah!
Paul Kunert, 21 Sep 12:37

Hewlett Packard Enterprise bigwig chuckles at talk of buyout talks

Trimmed down biz 'possible' target for Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Huawei and private equity
Paul Kunert, 21 Sep 10:52

Are you sure you want to outsource IT? Yes/No. Check this box to accept Ts&Cs

Er, and you might wish to READ them too
Frank Jennings, 21 Sep 09:19

Oracle's new cloud rated 'minimum viable product' ... for now

Oh and Larry's cut-price claim ignores that most people buy cloud as reserved instances
Simon Sharwood, 21 Sep 06:30

Cisco re-commits to VCE with a very public display of affection

Oi, Dell! Robbins! Get a room, will you please?
Simon Sharwood, 21 Sep 01:58

Larry Ellison today said really nice things about rival Amazon's cloud

OpenWorld Haha, of course he didn't – he trash-talked AWS databases for an hour
Iain Thomson, 21 Sep 01:29

Official: Cloud computing is now mainstream

Advanced practitioners display hybrid vigour
Drew Cullen, 20 Sep 16:57

IDC: Those servers numbers just keep on tumbling

Pesky no name ODMs beat down the big brands
Paul Kunert, 20 Sep 15:34

We read Nutanix's homework... and the numbers look good

Analysis Pre-IPO HCI startup's promising biz growth foundation
Chris Mellor, 20 Sep 13:41

Three outsources staff to Capita

Merry Christmas and a Happy... Oh
Kat Hall, 20 Sep 13:19
Oracle OpenWorld cloud

Oracle's feeling pretty SaaS-tisfied with itself

Oracle has seen its revenues return to growth as the enterprise computing giant continues its migration away from on-premises systems.

DDoSers do it more now, but they do it less fiercely*

The number of distributed denial of service attacks has doubled over the last 12 months.
Java, photo via Shutterstock

Oracle: Delayed Java Enterprise Edition 8 to land 'within the year'

Oracle has committed to deliver the delayed Java Enterprise Edition 8 “within a year.”
Piggy bank, image via Shutterstock

Exploding public cloud just getting bigger, will be worth $200bn in 2016 – Gartner

The global public cloud services market is set to grow by more than 17 per cent in 2016.


Baby looks taken aback/shocked/affronted. Photo by Shutterstock

Kat Hall

Plans for 2 million FTTP connections in next four years 'not enough'
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Chris Mellor

Thousands of layoffs announced as spinning rust enters its death spiral

Chris Mellor

BTIG analysts ponder Pure's position and fall in (qualified) love
chef presents a roast chicken in pomegranate sauce. Photo by Shutterstock

Enrico Signoretti

Flash cacher gets undermined by cheapening flash


STRASBOURG, JUNE 29, 2016: The seat of the European Parliament. by Marco Aprile for shutterstock. EDITORIAL USE ONLY
Plan b, image via Shutterstock
EU workers, new markets: post-Brexit pressure on May & Co
Tough question, pic via Shutterstock
Honest mistake with your licensing? Audit police look at it on a 'case by case basis'
Kevin Turner
Last of Steve Ballmer's old guard heads for the exit
Wind turbine, image via Shutterstock