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Oracle ZFS appliance sales hit $1 billion

Four times slower than EMC’s XtremIO
Chris Mellor, 09 Oct 14:03

Don't panic, biz bods: A guide to data in the post-Safe Harbor world

Sweat the details
Dave Cartwright, 09 Oct 13:36

Ex-Logicalis UK boss Starkey signs up as EMC SDS biggie

Exclusive Forget the hype, this is going to be bigger than the biggest thing ever, says exec
Paul Kunert, 09 Oct 12:22

Hortonworks dismisses reports of Hadoop droop

Customer base growing, but staff still outnumber punters
Kat Hall, 09 Oct 10:59

How much do UK cops pay for Microsoft licences? £30 a head or £137? Both

42 negotiations mean MS, Oracle costs differ wildly
Kat Hall, 09 Oct 10:26

Reseller SCC slurps up 'minority' stake in SIPCOM

Enter hosted voice and UC-as-a-service space
Paul Kunert, 09 Oct 09:56

Dell hooking up with EMC and going public again? Come off it

The rumour mill about a Dell-EMC deal is going hyper, with a $51bn takeover by Dell being mentioned. Is Elliott Management holding a gun to EMC's head?
Sony's Z2 tablet is thin

The IT Pro generation gap strikes again

Study Readers are usually pretty quick to tell us when we use jargon in our surveys that we haven’t defined, and quite rightly so. We work in an industry that is riddled with language abuse, and marketeers who take liberties by redefining long-established terms and inventing buzzwords to make old stuff sound new.

PC shipments slump in Q3, thanks to free Windows 10

Businesses are spending on mobile transformations, not boring old computers
Funnel of cash. Credit: via SXC –

Dell seeking $40 BEEELLION to buy EMC NEXT WEEK say reports

Dell is figuring out how to borrow the US$40 billion it would need to acquire EMC, according to reports quoting the usual folks familiar with the deal.
Huge Clouds Ocean

The do-it-all storage giant is dying: Clouds loom over on-prem IT

Comment The days of the massive standalone storage company are coming to a close, as the public cloud and myriad storage startups drive cumulatively fatal wounds deep into the heart of the one-supplier-does-all-your-storage business model.

Time to lop off Europe's confusing IT rules, says pressure group

Campaign for Clear Licensing forms Brussels pincer with Free ICT Europe
Gavin Clarke, 08 Oct 19:06

FBI inks deal with Dell and Nutanix for embiggenable mutants

Hyperconverged hybrids snare the g-men
Chris Mellor, 08 Oct 15:37

CORRECTION: Stone Computers

Team Register, 08 Oct 15:35

AWS jabs at rivals, proclaims cloud the 'new normal'

AWS Reinvent We do hybrid too, insists senior VP Andy Jassy
Tim Anderson, 08 Oct 12:58

Vodafone joins calls to pry Openreach from BT's hands

+Comment Sky and TalkTalk also expected to beg for spin-out
Simon Rockman, 08 Oct 12:06

Understand 'Safe Harbor', Schrems v Facebook in under 300 words

A legal, er, brief

'Safe Harbor': People in Europe 'can get quite litigious about this'

US cloud businesses face 'legislative buzzsaw'
Kat Hall, 08 Oct 11:12

HP boss hopes MS Surface Book will jack up notebook prices

Canalys Channels Forum Dell bigwig 'not happy' though
Joe Fay, 08 Oct 10:03

Team Microsoft: Device Police... 'Are you pumped? I'm pumped'

Analysis Surface? F**ck Yeah!
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 09:16

Online VAT fraud: Calls for government crackdown grow louder

eBay, Amazon fraudsters, cheap gear in the crosshairs
Kat Hall, 08 Oct 08:02

HP and pals release open source switch OS

OpenSwitch is a “brite box” NOS that welcomes being forked up
Simon Sharwood, 08 Oct 06:31

Microsoft starts backup of on-prem workloads and desktops to Azure

Repeat after us: 'Microsoft values its close partnerships with backup software vendors'
Simon Sharwood, 08 Oct 02:01

Disk boxes, security tools, etc: What Amazon announced at its AWS shindig on Wednesday

Bezos's gang keeps the cloudy mob happy with new shininess
Shaun Nichols, 08 Oct 00:32

EMC and Dell considering 'a combination' – report

Update Was Cloudfather Tucci trying to offload VNX, rather than crowning King Mike?
Simon Sharwood, 07 Oct 23:38
Windows 10 floppy disk

If you wanted Windows 10, it looks like you've already installed it

Windows 10 looks to have won about seven per cent of the world's desktop operating system market.

Microsoft's big Tuesday reveal: New mobiles and slabs? Win 10 shock?

Microsoft has scheduled one of its biggest press conferences of the year on Tuesday in New York, and The Register will be there for the show. But leaks ahead of time suggest we'll be seeing a lot of new hardware and possibly a few software tricks as well.

IBM gobbles storage upstart Cleversafe

IBM is buying object storage startup Cleversafe for an undisclosed amount of cash or shares.
management consumerisation

Veritas-free Symantec: what is glittery and easier to slip into?

Efforts to jump start revenue growth at Symantec started today with a revamped channel programme that threatens to shower third party sellers with more cash, coughed more frequently.


Huge Clouds Ocean

Chris Mellor

Tech Unplugged sees Reg presenter unplugged
Nimble Storage array

Tim Anderson

Lack of innovation and weak Windows 10 apps will hold back upgrades


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