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Violin goes for reverse stock split

Stockholder approval looks to be a formality but market capitalization issue remains
Chris Mellor, 24 Jun 20:49

Thinking of using multiple clouds? Don't do it, stick with us says AWS CEO

'Every tier-one country will have an AWS region' – but analyst says other providers are catching up
Tim Anderson, 24 Jun 19:46

Dev boss: What will Microsoft do with Windows 10 Mobile? Surprise – it's for work!

'Surface phone' will have challenging app gap
Tim Anderson, 24 Jun 16:02

Don't laugh: Ofcom's a model for post-Brexit Europe

BREXIT Telco regulation done right? We can show how
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jun 15:29

Oracle: Cloud-first for 12.2 update – on-prem world will have to wait

You'll eat Larry's fluffy white stuff and enjoy it

Tech firms reel from Leave's Brexit win

BREXIT 'It’s completely unclear where this leaves us in Britain'
Gavin Clarke, 24 Jun 13:38

Gartner: Brexit to wipe $4.6bn off tech spending in Blighty

BREXIT Crystal ball strokers at Gartner have calculated Brexit will wipe $4.6bn off the value of tech spending in the UK this year, and the resulting Sterling currency volatility will force US vendors to hike prices.

Vendors suspend tech orders as Brexit slaps Brit pound

BREXIT If there is one thing the IT industry despises it is uncertainty and there was lashing of the stuff poured across the UK following the Brexit vote.

Technology shares slide with Brexit vote, except ARM

BREXIT Cambridge firm: Our earnings are outside EU

PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

BREXIT Rueful Remainer or Shy Leaver? Let us know
European flag with sad face

Mandarins plotted to water down EU data protection regs

Exclusive Even before Blighty voted to leave the EU, the government was plotting to water down far-reaching data protection regulations from Brussels - The Register can reveal.

From Watson Jr to Watson AI: IBM's changed, and Papa Watson wouldn't approve

Completed in 1983, IBM's prestigious South Bank office in London, on the banks of the River Thames, owes a lot to the Brutalist style of architecture, popular in the 1960s and 1970s. It makes heavy use of concrete: a solid building for a solid company.

BlackBerry's turnaround stalls

Software bet looks great, but Priv apathy taxes the bookkeepers
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jun 14:13

Intrinsic: We have no CEO. Otherwise everything is tickety-boo

Biz that couldn't find buyer devises 3-year strategy plan - services and security
Paul Kunert, 23 Jun 11:57

Huawei: Come 2017, we'll also deal in pure, uncut software

OPNFV Summit But box biz will take a long time to die, says chief cloud architect
Kat Hall, 23 Jun 11:36

Maplin Electronics demands cash with menaces

Listen up people, want to appear in our stores or website? Cough
Paul Kunert, 23 Jun 10:33

Linux's NFV crew: Operators keen to ditch clunky networks, be 'cool' like, er, Facebook

OPNFV Summit Moving as fast as embiggened bods can shift
Kat Hall, 23 Jun 09:32

Put storage inside the individual hosts of a virtual cluster? You're CRAZY... Like a fox

Sysadmin blog Our man Trev thinks 2016 is hyperconvergence's year
Trevor Pott, 23 Jun 09:04

No contract protected against the risk of bid-rigging, says expert

In procurement? Read this
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Jun 08:27

HDS goes hyper with its latest pile of converged IT Lego blocks

Entry-level box joined by new hyper-converged product
Chris Mellor, 23 Jun 08:03

Google enlists Microsoft VoIP partner to unseat Office 365+Skype

RingCentral in the middle
Gavin Clarke, 22 Jun 17:39

Dell tempts hordes with MASSIVE DISCOUNTS on PCs

By massive we mean, er, not very big at all...
Paul Kunert, 22 Jun 14:53

Why you should Vote Remain: Bananas, bathwater and babies

Comment Better the devil EU know?
Damon Hart-Davis, 22 Jun 12:53

Shareholders rubber-stamp Ingram Micro $6bn sale to Chinese firm

Execs and directors post deal payout of $126m gets thumbs up too
Paul Kunert, 22 Jun 12:33

Parliament is building a new website – and it doesn't want GDS anywhere near it

'Constitutionally incompatible' to get the digi-bods to do it
Gareth Corfield, 22 Jun 11:43

Police ICT Company head: Eat your cloud, cops, it's good for you

Let's put body-worn camera footage in the white'n'fluffy stuff, says Martin Wyke
Kat Hall, 22 Jun 08:04

Outsourcery sold after Dragon runs out of puff

Something positive was salvaged from the crash at cloud biz Outsourcery - 100 employees have transferred with the business in a pre-pack sale to new owners GCI Network Solutions.

Vanishing EMC golden handcuffs could cause brain drain

Stock option-incentivised EMC staff could brain drain out of the company as the Dell acquisition will cash-out their stock options, de-incentivising them.
Girl and computer, photo via Shutterstock

UK's education system blamed for IT jobs going to non-Brits

Immigration is an issue swaying electorates around the world, including Britons, who will next week decide whether to leave the European Union and Americans, who will soon decide whether to vote for Donald Trump as president in November. While this is generally assumed to affect low-pay, low-skilled jobs, it can affect those in IT too.

Official: Microsoft goes to pot, gives weed growers fix they need

Put this in your pipe and smoke it: Microsoft is offering pot growers software tools to help them stay on the right side of America's relaxed laws.


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