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KCOM: We're selling our national network assets...

Apart from Hull and East Yorkshire. We're sticking with those babies
Paul Kunert, 30 Nov 11:29

What a bum note: Violin's shares perform financial diminuendo

Flash storage upstart's stock needs some tonic as it crumples to $1.30 apiece
Chris Mellor, 27 Nov 19:18

Research: Microsoft the fastest growing maker of tablet OSs ... by 2019

Nine years late is better than nothing
Gavin Clarke, 27 Nov 16:57

Former Logicalis exec hired by ONI Plc to jump start services biz

Tom Kelly lands as non-exec director
Paul Kunert, 27 Nov 14:01

Enterprise vendors get into the swing of Black Friday sales

Cheap servers, tech books and desktop hypervisors can be yours
Simon Sharwood, 27 Nov 01:59

Microsoft rides to Dell's rescue, wrecks rogue root certificate

Windows Defender lives up to its name by dealing death to Dell's dumb DLL
Darren Pauli, 26 Nov 22:46
George Osborne, photo: HM Treasury

GDS £450m investment probably an 'accounting fudge' – gov IT analyst

Plans to pump an extra £450m for the Government Digital Service to fuel the "digital revolution" was the shock take-away announcement in George Osborne's Spending Review yesterday - from the perspective of technology spend at least.

HP storage financials: Meh. Meg Whitman needs to make this right

+Comment HP, no HPE, storage's revenues are down again, continuing a longish slump and, with HP Inc (PCs and printers) now undocked from HPE (the rest), many are asking the question: "What next?"

HPE to open private London drinking club

IT party central at City premises?

Capita increases share of public sector revenue to measly £1.8bn

Top 20 IT suppliers made £10.7bn from gov last year as 'relationship improves'

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Azure sitting in a tree, p-a-r-t-n-e-r-i-n-g

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is buddying up to Microsoft on public cloud, chief executive Meg Whitman has confirmed.

Fingers crossed tomorrow morning for Telecity's third repair shot

UK internet hub Telecity on Thursday plans its third shot at fixing a power systems problem that fried customers' servers.

Dell-EMC deal difficulties: VMware and daddy postpone roadtrip

Sorry investors, we have to sort a Virtustream problem at home
Chris Mellor, 25 Nov 15:10

Spending Review: GDS gets £450m, Cabinet Office budget slashed

Pledge for citizens to have option to pay online for every central gov service
Kat Hall, 25 Nov 14:09

Sales, share price sink for HP Inc – but it's relative glee for HPE

Who said breakin' up was hard to do?
Paul Kunert, 25 Nov 12:34

Brocade wrings profits from a steady-as-she-goes business

Analysis The SAN growth glory days are well and truly over, so where next?
Chris Mellor, 25 Nov 12:26

Eclipse staggers to feet, gets smacked by second DDoS

Internet service provider tells us: 'Internet based services' hit
Kat Hall, 25 Nov 11:27

Telecity fails with car park net rescue plan. In fact, things got worse. Again

'Seamless' power transfer borked all the juice supplies
Gavin Clarke, 25 Nov 10:03

Dell computers bundled with backdoor that blurts hardware fingerprint to websites

Analysis How it works
Shaun Nichols, 25 Nov 01:18

Tech Data: If only we could discount forex and impact of closing country ops...

... we would have grown, grown you hear
Paul Kunert, 24 Nov 18:50

Lenovo grabs HP Inc exec to run EMEA product and channel teams

The name's Bourguet, Pascal Bourguet
Paul Kunert, 24 Nov 15:05

Systemax: Shuttering our North America Tech Group may cost $55m

Exiting leases, closing exec ops, selling inventory
Paul Kunert, 24 Nov 12:58

NCC pays €133m for security shack Fox-IT

Dutch cyber company acquired as NCC dreams of glorious tomorrow

MoJ restarts troubled £250m National Offender management ICT system

Yes, again. Department on track to become IT basketcase
Kat Hall, 24 Nov 10:24

We pick storage brains: Has object storage endgame started?

Interview Too many companies, too few projects.... right?
Chris Mellor, 24 Nov 10:03

Oracle confesses to quietly axing its UK software support centre

Exclusive More than '1,000' jobs thought to be for the chop in worldwide downsizing
Kat Hall, 24 Nov 09:31
Splunk CEO Doug Merritt

Seven-year itch claims Splunk CEO

Splunk CEO and president Godfrey Sullivan has retired.

VMware cofounder and CEO Diane Greene to run Google's cloud

VMware cofounder and CEO Diane Greene is to head all of Google's cloud efforts.
Parachutist image via Shutterstock

Telecity fix nixed: Borked UK internet hub 'had no UPS protection'

Telecity cancelled its plans for a second shot at fixing the stricken power supply in its Docklands internet hub at Sovereign House.
4 arrows signs in arrow on wooden wall

NetApp revenues and profits decline again despite positive spin

Despite its CEO saying NetApp was moving forward with clarity and speed in the data-powered digital era, NetApp recorded lower revenues and profits on the annual compare for its second fiscal 2016 quarter, ended October 20. Same old, same old.


George Osborne, photo: HM Treasury
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Chris Mellor

The SAN growth glory days are well and truly over, so where next?

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