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Quadsys Five walk free after hacking rival company

Directors disqualified

Microsoft boasts its cloudy Hadoop big data mill's faster than yours

Open-sourcier Redmond talks up speed, security gains for Azure HDInsight
Dan Robinson, 30 Sep 13:36

NHS trusts ‘complacent’ on cloud app security risks

Do we block unsanctioned ones? Well half of us think we do...
John Leyden, 30 Sep 12:36

Got a great IOT story to tell? You have a week to let us know

Reg Events Building IOT CFP deadline looms
Team Register, 30 Sep 11:04

Invasion of the Brandsnatchers: How Nokia and BlackBerry inhabit the afterlife

Analysis Ghosts in the Machine
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Sep 09:03

Google finds its G Suite spot: Renames apps, talks up AI and BigQuery

Analysis 'We really are serious about the enterprise,' insists enterprise head Greene
Thomas Claburn, 30 Sep 07:19
Pot calling the kettle black

Salesforce asks Europe to stop Microsoft buying LinkedIn after itself trying to buy LinkedIn

Salesforce has called on the European Commission to block Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn.
Graduation ceremony with class clown

Microsoft will let you pass and fail cert exams at the same time

Microsoft has made a change to the way it marks re-certification exams, removing the requirement to pass all components of a test. The new regime means you'll pass the exam even if you fail some components.

Oracle loses (again) in battle to get Google Java case retried (again)

More imminent: Heat death of the universe – or Big Red giving up appeals?

VESK coughs up £18k in ransomware attack

Exclusive Biz took the precaution to pay up as a belt and braces approach

Computacenter's former 'unsung hero' rocks up at Redcentric

Former Computacenter exec Mo Siddiqui has landed at managed services provider Redcentric as chief operating officer, transferring his experience of working with large corporate clients to his new employer.
Business suits, photo via Shutterstock

Microsoft's chums Dell, HPE and Lenovo give Azure Stack a shout-out

Cloud isn’t what it used to be. Amazon’s AWS began life like open source, with the same net result: a developer secret that became an infrastructure fact.

Apple puts on its grey suit: Firm, 40, keen to meet corporate types

Could use all the dev time it hasn't been using on iPhones, amirite?
Dan Robinson, 29 Sep 13:38

Dell-EMC's dual server supply problem... is not a problem, it reckons

+Comment Converged server suppliers? Crack on, says senior soul Sakac
Chris Mellor, 29 Sep 13:25

Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society... Doesn't sound sinister at all

RotM Google 'n' pals hope to herald machine-human 'golden age'
Kat Hall, 29 Sep 11:14

Market pulls chain on Crapita share price after first ever profit warning

Reselling slumps, TfL contract woes and possible Co-op 'litigation' looms
Paul Kunert, 29 Sep 10:58

Microsoft warns Windows security fix may break network shares

We're making your NAS secure by hiding it from you
Dan Robinson, 29 Sep 10:38

Oracle's Coach Larry needs Microsoft plays to beat Amazon

Analysis Best locker-room strategy: Avoid emulating AWS directly
Gavin Clarke, 29 Sep 09:54

HP Ink COO: Sorry not sorry we bricked your otherwise totally fine printer cartridges

Firmware fix coming soon to clean up Inc's ink stink
Shaun Nichols, 28 Sep 20:44

Colour us shocked: Dell EMC rules converged systems like a boss

VCE and VSAN very very virtuous for newly joined duo
Chris Mellor, 28 Sep 16:48

Surprise! Leading 4-socket server vendor isn’t Dell or HPE

Chinese market is growing fast
Chris Mellor, 28 Sep 15:18

Microsoft preps defence against the dark arts for enterprise customers

Application Guard aims to defeat malware served up from web sites
Dan Robinson, 28 Sep 14:17

Apple moving to scrubbed up London's Battersea Power Station

Tim Cook moves in opposite dog’s home? Pigs will fly...
Joe Fay, 28 Sep 13:54

‘Inflexion point’ BlackBerry washes hands of hardware biz

Switches to licensing 'secure Android' and apps
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Sep 13:06

BT tops Ofcom's broadband whinge list

Virgin and Sky rated least moaned about
Kat Hall, 28 Sep 12:42 is doing sod all to break £20bn of locked-in IT contracts

Analysis At least one department has no idea how much it's splurged
Kat Hall, 28 Sep 08:27
Microsoft's Mark Russinovich with customer Daryll Fogal and Docker COO Scott Johnston

Microsoft releases Server 2016, complete with commercial Docker engine

Ignite Microsoft announced the release of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 at its Ignite event in Atlanta. The commercially supported edition of the Docker engine is included at no extra cost.
The Taj Mahal

You heard right: Huawei's making phones in Chennai

Asian tech giant Huawei is to start manufacturing smartphones in India next month, in a move that could signal China is starting to lose its shine as the world’s low-cost manufacturing sweatshop, with even native companies looking to expand elsewhere.

NetApp facelift: FAS hardware refresh and a little nip ONTAP

NetApp has comprehensively refreshed its all-flash FAS and hybrid FAS arrays, adding performance, capacity and scalability upgrades, and supporting 32Gbit/s Fibre Channel and 40GbitE connectivity. ONTAP also gets upgraded, with Azure support for ONTAP Cloud
Fibre, image via Shutterstock

Watch out, Openreach: CityFibre swallows Redcentric's network for £5m

Plucky Openreach challenger CityFibre has gobbled £5m worth of service provider Redcentric’s network - adding 137km of fibre to the upstart’s network.


Baby looks taken aback/shocked/affronted. Photo by Shutterstock

Kat Hall

Plans for 2 million FTTP connections in next four years 'not enough'
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Chris Mellor

Thousands of layoffs announced as spinning rust enters its death spiral

Chris Mellor

BTIG analysts ponder Pure's position and fall in (qualified) love
chef presents a roast chicken in pomegranate sauce. Photo by Shutterstock

Enrico Signoretti

Flash cacher gets undermined by cheapening flash


Locker room jocks photo via Shutterstock
Best locker-room strategy: Avoid emulating AWS directly
STRASBOURG, JUNE 29, 2016: The seat of the European Parliament. by Marco Aprile for shutterstock. EDITORIAL USE ONLY
Plan b, image via Shutterstock
EU workers, new markets: post-Brexit pressure on May & Co
Tough question, pic via Shutterstock
Honest mistake with your licensing? Audit police look at it on a 'case by case basis'
Kevin Turner
Last of Steve Ballmer's old guard heads for the exit